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<br />Seward Planning and Zoning Commission <br />Resolution 2007-03 <br />Page 2 0 f 3 <br /> <br />! <br />....J <br /> <br />B. Will the value of adjoining property be signifreantly impaired? <br />Finding: No, there is no evidence that the development, as it is proposed, will <br />impair adjoining properties or rights-of-way. <br /> <br />C. Is the proposed use is in harmony with the Seward Comprehensive Plan? <br />Finding: Yes, Planning staff has determined that the proposal is in harmony with <br />the Seward 2020 Comprehensive Plan (2005) and Strategic Plan (1999) by <br />augmenting existing visitor camping opportunities which supports the tourism <br />industry . <br /> <br />D. Are public services andfacilities adequate to serve the proposed use? <br />Finding: Yes, Water and sewer services will be developed on-site, and power <br />service will be extended to the property. The site will be served by community <br />fire, police, solid waste disposal and other services as might be necessary for <br />operation of the facility. <br /> <br />E. Will the proposed use will be harmful to the public safety, health or welfare? <br />Finding: No, there is no evidence that the development and operation of the RV <br />park, as proposed, would be harmful to the public's safety, health and welfare. <br /> <br />Any and all specific conditions deemed necessary by the commission to fulfill the above- <br />mentioned conditions shall be met by the applicant These may include but are not limited to <br />measures relative to access, screening, site development, building design, operation of the use <br />and other similar aspects related to the proposed use. <br /> <br />'" <br /> <br />.J <br /> <br />ModifICation of final approval of a conditional use permit may, upon application by the <br />permittee, be modified by the Planning and Zoning Commission: <br /> <br />a) when changed conditions cause the conditional use to no longer conform to the standards <br />for its approvaL <br /> <br />b) to implement a different development plan conforming to the standards for its approval. <br /> <br />c) the modification plan shall be subject to a public hearing and afilingfee set by City Council <br />Resolution. <br /> <br />Based on the above findings and conclusions, approval of the CUP shall be <br />subject to the following condition: <br /> <br />1. The applicant shall restrict the types of recreational vehicles allowed in all <br />parking spaces further than 200' L.F. from the park restroom facility to <br />"self-contained" vehicles that are equipped with on-board sanitary facilities. <br /> <br />J <br /> <br />2. Applicant shall comply with all applicable laws pertaining to development of <br />