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<br />City of Seward, Alaska <br />January 4, 2007 <br /> <br />Planning Commission Minutes <br />Volume 6, Page 141 <br /> <br />.... <br /> <br />Hohl added under New Business, "Discussion regarding the Middle School Conditional Use <br />Permit. " <br /> <br />Motion Passed <br /> <br />Unanimous <br /> <br />The following items were approved under the Consent Agenda: <br /> <br />November 16, 2006 and December 5,2006 Regular Meeting Minutes <br /> <br />Public Hearings <br /> <br />Resolution 2006-25 recommending City Council and the Kenai Peninsula Borough Approval of <br />the Subdivision of A TS No. 174, Within The NW ~ of Section 3, Township 1 South, Range 1 <br />West, Seward Meridian, Marina Subdivision, Seward Resort Addition, To Create A "Tract <br />A." (postponed from the December 5,2006 Regular Meeting and on the Door for action.) <br /> <br />Williams directed the Commission's attention to the clarifying information in the new agenda <br />statement and letter from surveyor Nick Cline. <br /> <br />Notice of public hearing being posted and published as required by law was noted and the <br />public hearing was opened. No one requested to be heard and the public hearing was closed. <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />In response to Keil's request, Terry read the current amendment on the floor that was <br />postponed from the December 5, 2006 Regular Meeting, <br /> <br />"Add Section 1.b, The existing building will <br />be removed or modified in compliance with <br />setback requirements prior to the <br />finalization of the plat." <br /> <br />In response to Hicks, Williams noted the easement would be negotiated with the City and <br />would become part of the recorded plat. <br /> <br />HoW thanked the staff for their response to Commission questions from the last meeting. She <br />asked if there was a current Floodplain Permit for the existing structure. <br /> <br />Williams stated he was not aware of a Floodplain Permit for this structure. He stated either a <br />variance or an elevation certificate would be needed for any new structures. Williams stated the <br />current building should be removed prior to the recording of the plat. He stated it was possible the <br />current building did require a variance, but he had not been able to find accurate information on <br />when the fill was placed. <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />Hohl stated her concern was not with the fill, but the existing structure. <br />