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Seward Planning and Zoning Commission <br />Resolution No. 2007-18 <br />Page 2 of 4 <br />Section 1. In accordance with Seward City Code Section 15.25.060 the Seward Planning and <br />Zoning Commission has considered all of the following factors: <br />a. The danger that materials may be swept onto other lands to the injury of others; <br />b. The danger to life and property due to flooding or erosion damage; <br />c. The susceptibility of the proposed facility and its contents to flood damage and the <br />effect of such damage on the individual owner; <br />d. The importance of the services provided by the proposed facility to the community; <br />e. The necessity to the facility of a waterfront location, where applicable; Not <br />applicable. <br />f. The availability of alternative locations for the proposed use which are not subject to <br />flooding or erosion damage; <br />g. The compatibility of the proposed use with the existing and anticipated development; <br />h. The relationship of the proposed use to the comprehensive plan and floodplain <br />management program for that area; <br />i. The safety of access to the property in times of flood for ordinary and emergency <br />vehicles; <br />j. The expected heights, velocity, duration, rate of rise, and sediment transport of the <br />flood waters and the effects of wave action, if applicable, expected at the site; <br />k. The costs of providing governmental services during and after flood condition, <br />including maintenance and repair of public utilities and facilities such as sever gas, <br />electrical, and water systems, and streets and bridges. <br />Section 2. The Commission makes the following specific findings regarding tli~ Greg Thrall <br />floodplain variance request: <br />1. The majority of the Seward Airport and surrounding property is locat~l wf~in the <br />floodplain or floodway. Since the applicant's proposed aircraft hanger is dependent u~3on an airport <br />location, there are no other feasible locations for the structure which are not located within the <br />floodplain. <br />2. Failure to grant the variance would result in exceptional hardship to the applicant for the <br />following reason: It is not feasible to elevate the structure at or above the base flood elevation. To <br />do so would not allow the aircraft hanger to be utilized for its intended purpose. <br />3. Granting the requested variance will not result in damage or hardship for this or any other <br />property., <br />