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Citti~nJSeurvd. Alacku Cin Courrcil.M1finures <br />tVbrember ?A, 1 UU7 t'ohuue 37. Pu,Ke 45'J <br />Resolution 2007-128 was removed from the consent agenda and placed on the regular agenda by ~, <br />unanimous vote of the council. <br />Motion Passed Unanimous <br />The clerk read the [•ollowing approved consent agenda items: <br />The December 24, 2007 regular city council meeting was canceled due to the holidays. <br />Council approved the transfer of ownership and name change of the Tourism-beverage <br />T)ispensary Liquor L,iccnse from the Hotel Edgewater, LLC dba The Yard Arm to The I~ishan <br />Group, Tnc dha'Thc h•ory Covc. <br />Ordinance 2007-010, Revising Seward City Code Section $,3$,045 (Computation Alaximum <br />Tax), Increasing The Sales Tax Cap From $500.1'0 51,000, Effective April 1, 2008. (nrtruduc•ed <br />cuu! set (or ptrhlic hem•utg December l0, ?007) <br />Ordinance 1007-O1 L Revising Seward City Code Section .5.35.040 (Exclusions And <br />Exemptions), Exempting That Portion Of Residential Rents Ahove $500, From Sales Tax, <br />M;ffcetive April T, 2008. (introduced and see for ptrhlic hearing Decenther L0, ?007/ <br />Ordinance 2007-012, Revising Seward City Code Section 5.45.015(A) (HntelMotel Room'T'ax - _, <br />bevy Uf'1'ax), locreasing The )tote)/Afotel Tax Rate From 4"/" To 6"/",Effective April 1, 2008. <br />(trth~odurerl and .cet far- prrblrc hcarrng Uec•ember L0, 200i/ <br />Resolution 2007-125, Authorhing A Contract 'I'hroug6 December 31, 2008, ~~'ith Alaska <br />Newspapers, lac. For Display Advertising In The Seward Phoenix Log At :~ Rate Of $380.00 <br />Per Week. <br />Resolution 2007-126. Amending The City Parking Fcc Schetlulc For City-Owned Parking Lols <br />In 2008, As Listed In Attachment A, Effective .lanuan• 1, 2008. <br />Resolutlon 2007-127, lucreasing :1nd Setting Municipal Camping Fees, Effective January 1, <br />2008. <br />SPECL*,L ORDERS, FRESENTATIONS AND RF:PORfti <br />Proclamations and Awards <br />Borough Assemhh• Report Borough :1ssrmbly Representative Ron Long stated the last <br />assembly meeting wen[ up [o the al Intrcd times "Chcy looked at a resolution trying to decide on what <br />the Borough's role would he during the ii)'~' Anniversary statehood celebration. The Assembly <br />wanted to participate and w•as looking for appropriate ideas. A resolution to adopt a climate change ,,,,~ <br />energy policy was postponed. The Assembly introduced an ordinance aliening the senior citizen <br />