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Cilp u1 Sexurd, Alu+ku Cin Council ,4linutes <br />December /0, 2t)0? 1'olume 37, Page 472 <br />Dol Bardarson, also spoke in support of the mural society resolution. She stateil the Mural <br />Society had a 5-year pion which include) Ed Tusscy painting a National Park Thcrnu for 2008, and ~.. <br />other ariisis and thcnus through the ycar?012. Shc inlormcd that the group had a websile artd was a <br />strong agauization that would have nrurc nuuals painted in the future. <br />APPROVAL OF AGENllA AND CONSENT AGENDA <br />Motion (Dunham/Amherg) Approval of Agenda and Consent Agenda <br />Two items were pulled from the consent agenda. <br />Motion Passed Unanimous <br />The clerk read the following approved consent agenda items: <br />The November 13, 2007 Regular Cih Council Meeting 31inutrs Werr Approved. <br />Resolution 2007-131, Accepting A (:rant In '1'hc .4monnt Of $1,299.60 From The Alaska <br />Ilighway Safety Office For 200R First Quarter AS'fF;P Driving Undcr'I'hc lnfluence (llU1) <br />Enforcement Campaign And Appropriating Funds. <br />Resolution 2007-132, Accepting A Grant In The Amount Of S1,299.h0 From The Alaska <br />Highway Safely Office Fur 2008 First Quarter ASTEP Seatbelt Enforcement Campaign And ,,. <br />Appropriating I•'turds. <br />Resolution 2007-133, Dcsignating'I'he Cih• UfSeward As The Mural Capital Of Alaska And Is <br />Requesting The State Of Alaska To h:ndorsc'1'his llcsignatiou. <br />Resolution 2007-135, Awarding A Contract Fnr Three Years To Merritt Enterprises For <br />Custodial Services At The Teen & Youth Center .4nd The Sports & Recreation Program Site, <br />.4 V'I'EC'S Sludrnt Services Center For An Annual Amount Ot S3R,2R0.00. <br />Resolution 2007-136, Adopting An :1ltrrnativr ;Ulocation Method For The Il'2008 Shared <br />Fisheries Business 'l'ax Program, And Certifying That This Allocation Method Fairly <br />Represents The Dktrihution Uf Significant Effects OCFisheries Business Activity In The Cook <br />Inlet Fisheries 1lianagement Area. <br />SPECIAL ORDERS, PRESENTATIONS AND REPORTS <br />Proclamations and Awards <br />A Alemoriam Was Read For Uale R. I.indsev By ~'icc-Mayor Dunham. <br />Borough Assembly Rrpurt. Borough Assembly Representative Ron Long, following a r <br />citizen comments, stated a sidcnotc. "hearing Dan Scavey say hr had a little something to do with the <br />Iditarod Trail was like saying Dale }.indsey had a little something to du with the oil business." Last <br />