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Ciry f.Sewar4 Alaska Historic Preservation Cammlcrlan Minutes <br />January Jq IOOR Volume 1 Pace lOJ <br />• and Represanmtive Papl Seatov wem preacvting citations to the Cegislamre to r <br />support the designation, which upvld lead to Goverwr Patin W issueaprocluvatiov <br />aMjuin m the painting ofthe mm¢I in SeptemhM. <br />• Senator Cary Stevens and Reprcscvtative PaW Seaton had joined in signing <br />mndations m the SeuaN Libmry/Muacvm Sroering Conwitta for the 49ers <br />Dall.m <br />• Theinterviewfor Ne Harbormasterposition were held cad Ne firal lirtofapplicwc <br />were Tammy Peterson of Datch Harbor, 2obin Pem, Mike Baker and Karl Mderson <br />all of Seward. The Ciry Manager planned to ewouum the position scan. <br />• The Governor's Budget was updated last week, which included revenue sharing f r <br />Sewmd nfM299,416. She reported therehad been vo tlmdinK Cor Ne ]esselLa home <br />and Levee Pmjat in Seward. <br />• The Jauuary 21, 200tl Courmil Work 3essiov for the Mary Lowell Center had ban <br />cancelled and the Mary Lowell Cw[cr Work SrssionwasreschedWW forlwuary28, <br />200A m 6 00 p.m. vad a Febmary 11, 2008 work session for the eleclricW rates. <br />• Requested to add to Ne aKenda New Huswess item G; to uhedulea Special Melling <br />to select a topic for National Historic Preservation monW and forward this selection <br />to Council. <br />Other Refwrta, Annauncemcols & Prceentlfiove <br />Friends of the Jeaae Lee home update Swann <br />Swaw Hated he had votldng m;w ro add. <br />Wcbsita Cpdatcs Capra <br />Capm stated he had found he was able m access the Historic Preservation welxci[e without <br />knowinK the code. I Ie plowed to contact the MIS depamnent and start on the prnjat. <br />Hobeu Park-Kariv Sturdy <br />Glwz. smtedthat Perks Direcmr Karut Snvdywasuwbic to ancvd cad provided the updated <br />inf anon in slay down. She gave ehriefoverview ofihe ley down sfazinK that the SHPO Office <br />had authorized the fowtain uhematic provided by Via Chair Tom Swann cad noted chat the RFP <br />wasrcady to be pablishW and included a timeline. Glerizsmtd'SWe Cowvissionhad wyquestians <br />to content SNrdy. <br />Alosks HlaWrlesl Society-Cape <br />Capra slated aboard mating was schedulN in AnvM1orika ov February &2008. Hestavrlhe <br />hopM to atreod and planned m relay relevant hdbrmatiov Lo the Comrvisvon, He urged the <br />r <br />