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Seward Historic Preservation Commission <br /> Regular Meeting <br />MarcM1 t9, 2008 6..-30 p. m. Ciry Couw(1 ChamGers <br />SM1nrman KOVw <br />chair 1. Cell [o Order <br />rr,m E.p;.e. Dula <br />~'om s,.a <br />I,c.-cxah 2. Openivg Cemmony <br />T 6pircr OS/l0 <br />Bonn Erencn A. Pledgeof Allegiassae <br />cm <br />r <br />r,.m Fes, .. <br />rsmx <br /> d. xou cau <br />GrcR Caryenrcr <br />Ommbio"e' Q. Spcelal Report <br />Ilmm Agrpee 909 <br />~owncuuxer A. City Adminisn-aHan xnport <br />[am <br />Pmn 12 pbee IAAOR H. ~tlIQ Rep0de~ AIOOINGGmfllt6 & PfG9CYteNOM <br />LvWu lasvm <br />earmr,i..mrm, t. lriende ofthe lease lce Home nptlate-Swvrm <br />Term Eapne. os/a9 2. WebsitelJpdales-CWm <br /> 3. HoM1en Park-Kann Snvdy <br />~ m c yN <br />' D. Onug Capra-Alaska Histnncal Snciery <br />ommuno.e. <br />c <br />Rmr dYp(rer 5/09 <br /> 5. Clflranr' Commentr on Agevde Items Not Scheduled for <br />PMlhj nom.. Puhlle Hewing antl Older Items Not Ivduded on the <br />cirymannger pg¢nde. [Those who have signed in wi/( be %iven theJirst <br />xrn Niob apportuniry m speak. Time is limited to I m notes per <br />c~mm.mrrrn~~rorr~e.r speaker and 30 minuets mtal dme/or this agenda item] <br /> <br />0o na Glona 6. Approval of Agevda avd Covsevt Agenda. [Approval of <br />Plann/nAAUUmm Consent Agendapassesall routine itemsiMicatcdby asterisk <br /> ('). Consent Agenda items are not wmidered reparaie(y <br />nrm,uany unless a Com requvsrs. Fn the evem fsuch a <br />mrrsturwr ao <br />Eaeaaiee Liaifan requesq the iiem is rvsurnad ro tM1e Regular Agenda) <br />Historic Preservation Commission Regular Mee[ing Agerv/a <br />March 19, 2008 Page l <br />