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Seward Planning and Zoning Commission <br />Resolution No. 2008-06 <br />Page 2 <br />Findings: This condition has been or will be established through the conditions. <br />Zoning: The property is zoned Central Business District (CBD). The Central <br />Business District is intended to provide for an area of convenient, attractive, <br />concentrated commercial development primarily intended for retail, financial, <br />entertainment and professional services occurring within enclosed structures. <br />Regulations applying to this zone are designed to encourage a compact group of <br />businesses of the type which are mutually beneficial and .located close enough <br />together to encourage walk-in trade. Hotels and motels are allowed in the Central <br />Business District by Conditional Use Permit. <br />Setbacks. There are no building setbacks required in the CBD, except where the <br />CBD abuts a residential district a minimum setback equal to that required of the <br />abutting residential district is required. Although the abutting parcel to the South <br />is zoned Central Business District the use has been a single family home with a <br />business. Condition number 1 of the existing CUP states "a minimum five foot <br />setback is required along the south property line. " Based on the submitted site. <br />plan a five foot setback from the south property line was provided during the <br />construction of the existing two story 12 unit structure and this condition shall <br />continue to remain in affect. <br />Parking. The current site plan identifies off-street parking for the motel. <br />Although the Zoning Code does not require any on-site parking in the CBD, <br />condition number 2 of the existing CUP required "one o, f, jr street parking space <br />per guest unit for a total of 12 on-site parking spaces". In zoning districts that <br />require parking, hotels and motels are required to provide one space per guest unit. <br />Based on the submitted site plan, the developer continues to provide the currently <br />required 12 spaces plus 16 additional on site spaces for a total of 28 spaces. <br />Based on historic occupancy records of Murphy's Motel, the developer has <br />submitted a request that the Commission allow less than a full space per unit. The <br />developer has requested a .8 ratio for the 34 units for a total of 27.2 or 28 full <br />spaces. <br />"The value of adjoining property will not be significantly impaired" (SCC <br />§15.10.320.D.2) <br />Finding: This condition has been met. <br />The neighboring properties are predominantly commercial including an auto <br />service business and boat storage yard to the north; business and single family <br />homes to the south; the city-owned ball field to the east and a bank and <br />commercial office building to the west. The existing 17 unit motel has operated <br />for many years on the same parcel. There is no indication that the proposed <br />.ri <br />