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City of Seward, Alaska Port and Commerce Advisory Board Minutes <br />January 3, 2007 Volume 3, Page 439 <br />CALL TO ORDER <br />The regular January 3, 2007 meeting of the Seward Port and Commerce Advisory Board was <br />called to order at 12:07 pm by Board Member Long. <br />PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG <br />The pledge of allegiance was led by Board Member Schaefermeyer. <br />There were present: <br />Karl Van Buskirk (arrived 12:15), presiding, and <br />Mike Banas Theresa Butts <br />Ron Long Darryl Schaefermeyer <br />Absent: Deborah Altermatt Bruce Martin <br />Comprising a quorum of the Board; and <br />Louis Bencardino, Alaska Railroad Corporation Representative <br />Scott Ransom, Harbor Master <br />Christy Terry, Executive Liaison <br />Alaska Railroad Corporation (ARRC) Representative Louis Bencardino <br />Bencardino updated the Board on the meeting held between ARRC, Hyundai and Usibelli <br />Coal Mine lnc. He stated the first day of the meeting involved the long term employees and their <br />discussion of equipment and concerns. Bencardino stated the second day of meeting involved the <br />entire group. He shared with the Board that Usibelli planned for employee jobs and benefits to <br />remain the same. Bencardino stated he was currently working with Hyundai to obtain information <br />on maintenance and operations in order to provide continuity with the transfer to Usibelli. He stated <br />ARRC was moving forward with obtaining permits for the expansion of their freight dock. <br />Bencardino explained the development aspects of the new dock. He stated Mayor Shafer was <br />scheduled to meet with Tote Inc. while she was in Seattle. Bencardino approved of Seward's <br />encouragement for companies to move their operations into Seward. He shared the Chamber of <br />Commerce's Economic Development group had discussed ways to increase winter activities. <br />Bencardino explained the concept to allow snowmobile enthusiasts to park their vehicles and trailers <br />in the City's north parking lot and ride out of town on the bike trails to snowmobiling locations. He <br />noted this would encourage more tourists to spend money on food, gas and lodging in the City. <br />Bencardino stated another idea involved having the first day of the Salmon Derby as `women only.' <br />The Economic Development group thought this would encourage whole families to come for the <br />Derby and provide additional bed tax. <br />,~ <br />wrf <br />