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Council Agenda Statement <br />Meeting Date: January 12, 2009 <br />From: Kari Anderson, Harbormaster <br />Through: Phillip Oates, City Manager/~ <br />Agenda Item: Municipal Harbor Facility Grant <br />BACKGROUND & JUSTIFICATION: <br />The City of Seward's harbor department is currently pursuing funding sources for a security float (Z <br />float) to complete Phase HI ofthe harbor expansion project (which began in 2003}. The security float <br />would be located in the NE corner ofthe Seward Small Boat Harbor and would provide moorage to <br />the USCG Cutter Mustang, State Trooper Vessel(s), National Park Service Vessel, and rapid- <br />responsc fire and search and rescue vessels. This project would include 870 linear feet of floats, <br />upland utilities, electricity, and water service on the float. <br />'The security float will he an integral new addition to the harbor and will free up existing transient and <br />tenant moorage to individuals who have been on our wait lists for several years. Cun-ently the project <br />is at a 90°io design completion, and the harbor has a draft plan set. Resolution 2007-134 was passed <br />on November 27, 2008 to contract Tryck Nyman Hayes (TNH now URS Corp.) to provide <br />engineerv~g, design and construction management services for this project. The total cost for this <br />project for a construction date of December 2009 is estimated at $4 million. <br />Currently the Security (Z) float has received funding from several sources: <br />Denali Conunission Grant $1,000,000.00 <br />Local portion of Cruise Ship (CPV) tax funds $353,853.00 <br />Borough portion of Cruise Ship (CPV) tax funds $383,652.00 <br />Local remaining funds from previous harbor projects $405,000.00 <br />Total funds on hand for Security (Z) Float: $2,202,505.00 <br />The remainder of this project could be funded from a few different sources: <br />A.) 2008 Borough CPV funds (not yet allocated) $304,000.00 <br />B.) Local portion of CPV funds for 2009 (amount still unknown) <br />C.) Municipal Harbor Facility Grant Fund S 1,465,000.00 <br />The Harbor department is requesting the Seward City Council pass a resolution of support for the <br />Security float project and the application for the Municipal I larbor Facility Grant. The grant requires <br />a 50% match from the local entity applying, and federal grants from the Denali Commission arc <br />acceptable sources to fulfill the local match requirement. Therefore, the Seward Small Boat Harbor is <br />82 <br />