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CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br />RESOLUTION 2009-009 <br />(4) $5 million state assistance for the $10 million Seward Library/Museum (local <br />contributions of grants, private donations and potential bond will provide a 100% <br />match of $5 million to complete the project) <br />B. PORT AND HARBOR <br />(1) $1.5 million to complete the extension of the Seward Small Boat Harbor east <br />breakwater (the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the City will provide a 100% <br />match of $1.5 million to complete the project) <br />(2) $750 thousand for inner-harbor improvements to repair and replace the "D" Floats in <br />the Seward Small Boat Harbor (the City will provide $250 thousand to complete the <br />project) <br />(3) $500 thousand for a wave modeling and engineering study for the North Dock Basin <br />at SMIC (the Army Corps of Engineers is providing a 100% match of $500 thousand <br />to complete the study) <br />C. ELECTRIC <br />(1) $1.9 million for the Electric Department emergency standby generator complex (the <br />City is providing $7.5 million for the project) <br />(2) $250 thousand for automatic electrical metering equipment to improve customer <br />service, outage management, and load management (the City will provide a ' 100% <br />match of $250 thousand to complete the project) <br />(3) $1 million for rebuilding and upgrading the transmission line from the Seward city <br />limits to the Fort Raymond electric substation (the City will provide $600 thousand <br />for the project) <br />(4) $85 thousand for improvements to capabilities for providing electrical power during <br />emergencies, such as a tsunami, to the downtown and hospital area of Seward (the <br />City will provide a 100% match of $85 thousand for the project) <br />(5) $5 million from the Railbelt inter-tie fiords to upgrade transmission lines between <br />Anchorage and Seward <br />(6) $12 million to compete the transmission line conversion to 115kV at $1 million/ mile. <br />D. ROADS AND STREETS <br />(1) $750 thousand for street/sidewalk repairs and drainage (the City provided $160 <br />thousand in 2008 for these repairs) <br />