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CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br />RESOLUTION 2009-009 <br />(2) $250 thousand for paving and improving drainage in the northeast parking lot of the <br />Seward Small Boat Harbor (The City has obtained a matching grant of approximately <br />$200 thousand for design and preparation of the area for paving) <br />2. CRUISE SHIP HEAD TAX <br />(1) $4.5 million for dredging cruise ship berthing basins and approaches in Seward to a <br />depth of 42 Feet to permit safe berthing of the millennium size cruise ships <br />(2) $167 thousand for bus transportation assistance to cruise ship passengers <br />(3) $193 thousand to relocate Seward's Coast Guard Building adjacent to the Cruise Ship <br />Dock Area and improve security to cruise ships and their passengers <br />(4) $750 thousand for building a new water storage tank that provides the capacity <br />necessary to provide water to cruise ships (the City will obtain a 100% match of $750 <br />thousand through aloes-interest loan program) <br />(5) $1.5 million for constructing a dock to improve security and fire protection to cruise <br />ships and to ensure completion <br />(6) $2.56 million for cruise ship dock appurtenance improvements in Seward <br />3. STATE FUNDED PROJECTS <br />(1) $1.5 million for storm water discharge infrastructure including a security fence <br />around the city vessel storage area at the Seward Marine Industrial Center (SMIC) <br />(2) $860 thousand for Handicapped Accessibility Fish Cleaning Station in the Northeast <br />Launch Ramp Area of Small Boat Harbor <br />(3) $450 thousand for paving the road and parking lot on the South Seward Small Boat <br />Harbor Uplands area <br />(4) $2 million for controlling coastal erosion that threatens the Lowell Point Road (this <br />road provides the sole land access to critical public infrastructure and a residential <br />housing area) <br />(5) $1.7 million to double the capacity of the ship lift (synchrolift) and improve dock <br />capabilities at SMIC <br />(6) $10 million for the extension of the SMIC basin breakwater to improve ship moorage, <br />loading, and repair operations <br />(7) $4.S million to complete sheet piling and add moorage along the north side of the <br />Seward Small Boat Harbor <br />(8) $60 thousand to study the feasibility of a hydro electric plant to produce renewable <br />energy in Seward <br />(9) $1 million levee maintenance and bed load removal in the Fourth of July Creek to <br />protect the Spring Creek State prison <br />