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CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br />RESOLUTION 2009-009 <br />(10) $100 thousand for City facility ADA accessibility <br />(11) $75 thousand for emergency access repairs and improvements at the Seward jail <br />(12) $68 thousand for Energy Efficiency- Boiler Replacements <br />(13) $25 thousand to upgrade the Harbor Security Camera System <br />(14) $300 thousand for direct connectivity with Alaska Land Mobile- Radio system <br />(ALMR) for the Seward Dispatch Center <br />(15) $425 thousand to purchase fire apparatus (replace non-complaint vehicle) <br />4. BENEFICIAL LEGISLATION <br />(1) $100 thousand to the Alutiq Pride Shellfish Hatchery for upgrading and repairing the <br />marine water intake line that was damaged in the October 2006 flood, upgrading the <br />lighting system that produces algae for feeding shellfish seed and broodstock, and <br />completing installation of a recirculating system for cleaning and reusing water and <br />reducing electricity costs <br />(2) The City of Seward's highest priority for beneficial legislation remains the <br />introduction of a GO Bond from the State of Alaska for $15 million to design and <br />build a Seward Marine Center Dock for the Alaska Region Research Vessel <br />(3) $33.5 million for the Alaska Vocational Technical Center (AVTEC) capital projects <br />in the FY10 budget and support for the $1.5 million increase in their operating budget "" <br />(4) Support Friends of the Jesse Lee Home for stabilization of the Jesse Lee Home <br />(5) Regulations that permit the use of a guaranteed cruise ship head tax revenue stream <br />for bonding of capital projects that benefit the cruise ship industry <br />(6) Appropriation to upgrade and improve Seward Highway (MP18-25.5) in the STIP <br />(7) Authorize upgrade of Seward Highway (MP 25.5-36) in the STIP <br />(8) Authorize upgrade of the Sterling Highway (MP 45-60) in the STIP <br />(9) Construct a highway exit off the Seward Highway in the vicinity of MP 6 to provide <br />better and safer vehicle access to Camelot and Salmon Creek subdivisions <br />(10) Support for continuation of Medicaid programs at not less than current year <br />funding levels including capital cost reimbursement <br />(11) State funding to accomplish the objectives of the library assistance bill <br />(12) Support returned service to Seward by the State Ferry Tustumena <br />(13) Alternative Energy Programs that encourage and fund participation by the City and <br />its electrical utility customers <br />(14) A rebate program for citizen purchases of energy efficient appliances (in concert <br />with disposal of old appliances) to reduce electric usage <br />(15) Support the legislative efforts to develop a statewide net-metering policy <br />Section 2. This resolution shall take effect immediately upon its adoption. <br />