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Council Agenda Statement <br />Meeting Date: February 23, 2009 <br />To: City Council <br />Through: Phillip Oates, City Manager ~;~=~,,' <br />From: David Squires, Fire Chief ~,~`~ <br />Agenda Item: Purchase of a Light Rescue Fire Apparatus <br />BACKGROUND & JUSTIFICATION• <br />Council authorized the purchase of a new triple combination pumper in the amount not-to-exceed <br />$550,000. Staff reviewed the nine proposals received with an average cost of $378,906 and have <br />selected one for purchase well under budget. While reviewing proposals it became apparent that the <br />addition of this new pumper will pose a new problem in the housing of our apparatus. Currently, <br />Engine 2 and Rescue 1 are housed in the SMIC station. The overall length ofthe new pumper or any <br />of our current pumpers allows only enough room to house one vehicle in the station without a <br />significant remodel of the facility. An analysis of cost saving measures indicated that a reduction of <br />fleet size proved more advantageous than a facility remodel. The solution proposed by staff is to <br />eliminate two additional vehicles, for a total reduction of three older model vehicles, and combine <br />services into a new, light rescue fire apparatus at a cost of $161,877. This would result in a total cost <br />of $5l 6,842 for both new apparatus. <br />The vehicles eliminated will be a 1981 Chevy cube van (Rescue-1) that was retrofitted by SFD <br />personnel to serve as a rescue truck and does not meet the national standard on fire apparatus. The <br />second vehicle is a 1989 Ford utility truck (Squad-1) that was procured from the electric department <br />and retrofitted to serve as a wild land/brushfire apparatus. The new apparatus will not only combine <br />services, but will become our primary response vehicle to the increasing volume of medical calls. <br />Staff anticipates a reduction in operational fuel and maintenance costs to our heavy rescue truck, <br />which will now respond to structure fires and heavy rescue calls. This proposed solution is within the <br />allotted amount of $550,000 for the triple combination pumper. <br />CONSISTENCY CHECKLIST: <br />Where applicable, this resolution is consistent with the Seward City Code, Charter, Comprehensive <br />Plans, Land Use Plans, Strategic Plan and City Council Rules of Procedures. <br />Other: 2008 and 2009 Budget <br />FISCAL NOTE: <br />The Fire Department has contributed to the Motor Pool Fund to pay for replacement of emergency <br />apparatus. <br />35 <br />