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Agenda Statement <br />Meeting Date: March 23, 2009 <br />To: City Council <br />Thru: Phillip Oates, City Manage <br />From: David Squires, Fire Chief <br />Agenda Item: Acceptntg the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Award for the Personal <br />_ Protective Equipment Improvement Project <br />BACKGROUND & JUSTIFICATION: <br />In 2006, the Fire Department received grant funding for the purchase and installation of a vehicle <br />exhaust capture and removal system. While this award significantly improved health and safety of <br />daily station operations we became aware of a new problem. Our personal protective equipment <br />(PPE) had been routinely and repeatedly exposed to vehicle exhaust as well as the products of <br />combustion from fire which significantly decreased its protective qualities. In 2007, the lone laundry <br />facility in Seward with the capability to clean our PPE closed leaving us no alternative but ]rand <br />washutg or sending our PPE out of town for cleaning. Hand washing does not meet the standard of <br />care nor can it effectively or efficiently remove the contaminants. Having identified this shortfall in <br />our operations we proceeded to apply for grant fiandutg to replace existing non-compliant PPE along <br />with providing us the ability to clean and dry our PPE nt house. <br />The Fire Department applied for and received a grant from the 2008 Assistance to Firefighters Grant <br />program u1 the amount of $48,607 with a required 5% matching fund amount of S2,430.35. We <br />named this plan our Personal Protective Improvement Project. In order to bring this project to <br />fruition some minor station modifications will be required. <br />INTENT: <br />Accepting the 2008 Assistance to Firefighters Grant funds to initiate the identified project of <br />purchasing new personal protective equipment, extractor, dryer and necessary station modifications <br />for installation. <br />CONSISTENCY CHECKLIST: <br />Where applicable this resolution is consistent with: <br />• Compliance with NFPA, NIOSH and OSl{A guidelines and standards. <br />• Comprehensive Plan <br />• Strategic Plan <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />~~ <br />