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FISCAL NOTE: <br />Funding for this project will comc from the grant award nt the amount of 548,607, plus the City's <br />matching funds of $2,430.35 which is currently budgeted within the 2009 fire department equipment <br />budget, for a total cost of $51,037.35. <br />Approved by Finance Department: ~,lf~tt,(w,,,aln <br />RECOMMENDATION: ~ <br />City Council approve Resolution 2009-' authorizing the City Manager to accept the 2008 Assistance <br />to Firefighters Grant funds u~ the amount of 548,607.00 and authorizing the required matching funds <br />for the purchase of new personal protective equipment, extractor, dryer and station modifications. <br />Page 2 of 2 <br />~1 <br />