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City gJSewar~L ~1(usku P(unni~~g G~mmissinn Minutes <br />Fehruarv I i. ?OOy Volume 6, Page 310 <br />• Welcomed Tena Morgan and Christina Stauffer to the Commission. <br />• She slated there were two additional lay downs for Resolution ?009-04. <br />Thanked Margaret Anderson fir her service to the Planning and Zoning Commission <br />Other Reports, Announcements & Presentations -None <br />Citizens' Comments on any subject except those items scheduled for Public Hearing -None <br />Approval of Agenda and Consent Agenda - <br />Motion (McClure/Heinrich) Approve the Agenda and the Consent <br />Agenda <br />Motion Passed Unanimous <br />The following items were approved on the Consent Agenda: <br />January 20, 2009 Special Meeting Minutes <br />Unfinished Business Items requiring a Public Hearing -None <br />New Business Items requiringa Public Ilearing- <br />RESOLUTION 2009-02, Recommending City Council and the Kenai <br />Peninsula Borough Approval of the Preliminary Replat of Seward Small Boat <br />Harbor, South Harbor Addition Located Within the Harbor Commercial <br />District <br />"Gerry reviewed Resolution 2009-02 stating there was a plat for the new South Harbor <br />Uplands. She reviewed the plat in great detail. <br />In response to Ecklund, Terry stated the dotted areas on the plat denote the paved parking <br />and she explained the easement located in the lower left to upper right. <br />In response to Stauffer, "ferry stated the area had not heen platted and currently did not <br />exist. She stated the area needed to be officially platted. <br />Notice of public hearing being posted and published as required by law was noted and the <br />public hearing was opened. <br />No one else requested to be heard and the public hearing was closed. <br />Motion (McClure/Ecklund) <br />Approve Nesolutinn 2009-02 <br />]n response to Ecklund, Terry stated the platted area would he designated harbor <br />3i0 <br />