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North Harbor Development Plan Outline <br />.,.,,, Goal: Encourage the orderly development of the North Harbor as defined by the <br />boundaries. <br />70NING <br />Goal: The area is zoned Harbor Commercial District to accommodate economic <br />development and harbor related functions. <br />PLATTING/ BOUNDARIES <br />Goal: Plat the area... REVIEW EXISTING PLATS <br />North Harbor Boundaries- <br />Port Avenue on the North <br />Alaska Railroad Property on the East <br />Fourth Avenue on the West <br />Harbor Waters on the South <br />LAND USE <br />Goal: The area would be used for economic development and homeland security. <br />"` • Economic Development <br />o Encourage lease or sale of undeveloped land. <br />o Evaluate the best use of unused parcels. <br />• Support opening land for possible parking east of the railroad line and <br />negotiate for a land swap for relocation of the Coast Guard building. <br />o Leave access to NE fish cleaning station. <br />o Discuss with Seward Fisheries the unused development of their lease. <br />PARKING AND TRANSPORTATION FACILITIES <br />Goal: Ensure safe and convenient parking and transportation services that address <br />the needs of Seward residents, businesses and visitors. <br />• Parking Facility <br />o Research designating long term parking further out and short term closer in <br />from (foal access areas. <br />