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o Consider paving X-Float road or provide some form of dust control measures. <br />o Parking fees are consistent with the Seward City Code § 11.15.010. See ~. <br />Attachment A for the Parking Fee Schedule. <br />• Boardwalk/Sike PathlSidewalks <br />o Move pedestrian traffic off Port Avenue and onto sidewalks. <br />• Drainage <br />o Drainage plans need to be created to meet the Storm Water Prevention Plan <br />Permit requirements. <br />o Engineered drawing will be needed. <br />PUBLIC FACILITIES AND SERVICES <br />Goal: Provide quality public facilities and services to the residents, businesses and <br />visitors of Seward. <br />• Utilities <br />o Utility use is directly correlated to development in the North Harbor Area. <br />w <br />• Environment and Waste Management <br />o Research cost and pros/cons of vessel wash down facility. <br />• Floats/Docks <br />o Consider piling and wooden decking, construction similar to existing T Dock, <br />the area between I Dock and 50 Ton Travelift and the area beriveen T Dock <br />and NE fish cleaning stations to result in workable space across the entire <br />North Harbor. <br />o To investigate the feasibility and economic development value of installing a <br />5 ton crane near the new 50 ton travel lift dock. <br />COMMUNITY APPEARANCE <br />Goal: Improve the appearance of the community through increased landscaping, <br />beautification efforts and creating a user friendly environment. <br />• Aesthetics <br />