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COUNCIL AGENDA STATEMENT <br />Meeting Date: August 10, 2009 <br />To: City Council <br />Through: Phillip Oates, City Manager~~'~ <br />Christy Terry, Community Development Director <br />From: Donna Glenz, Associate Planner <br />Agenda Item: Resolution 2009-'rJ/ Recommending the Kenai Peninsula Borough <br />Approval of the Preliminary Plat Review of Lot 4A-1, and Lot 4A-2, <br />Marina Subdivision, Coast Guard Replat <br />BACKGROUND & JUSTIFICATION: <br />Attached for Council's review and recommendation to the Kenai Peninsula Borough Planning <br />Commission is a preliminary plat of City-owned land Lot 4A, Block 2, Marina Subdivision <br />which subdivides the parcel into two lots creating Lots 4A-1 and 4A-2, Block 2, Marina <br />Subdivision, Coat Guard Replat. <br />In accordance with Seward City Code (SCC) 16.01.015(B) No preliminary plat of city-owned <br />property may be submitted to the Kenai Peninsula Borough planning commission for approval <br />without the prior consent of the City Council. <br />Subdivision Review: <br />Zoning: <br />The property is zoned Harbor Commercial (HC) 'which allows all of the existing uses on the <br />property, and the subdivision meets the minimum lot size and width requirements of the Seward <br />Zoning Code. <br />Size: <br />This platting action will create Lot 4A-1 at approximately 3.431 acres and Lot 4A-2, at 27,720 <br />square feet. Lot 4A-1 has 308 lineal feet on Port Avenue and Lot 4A-2 has approximately 198 <br />lineal feet of lot frontage on what has become known as X-Float Road. These lots meet the SCC <br />requirement in lot size and width within the Harbor Commercial Zoning District. <br />Utilities: <br />The property is served by the existing public utilities; therefore a subdivision agreement is not <br />required. Existing water, sewer and electric lines are located within existing utility easements or <br />in easements which shall be provided during this plating action. There are fire hydrants within <br />approved distances. City staff reviewed the replat and has submitted a request that all utilities <br />currently located on the Lots 4A-1 and 2 be located and easements be provided before this plat is <br />approved. The request has become a condition recommended to the Kenai Peninsula Planning <br />Commission for final platting action. <br />54 <br />