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Council Agenda Statement <br />Meeting Date: June 24, ?009 <br />To: Mayor and Council Members <br />From: David Squires, Fire Chief <br />Thru Plifl~rp-OaC~s~ Gity~-I~lanager <br />Agenda Item: ?009 Fireworks Permit <br />BACKGROUND & JUSTIFICATION: <br />Carlile Transportation Systems is requesting permission from City Council to hold fireworks display <br />on Saturday July 4, X009 at 11:00 p.rn. in conjunction with 4`~ of July celebrations for a special <br />family event on their property located at Mile 2 Nash Road which is within the City of Seward City <br />Limits. <br />Seward City Code 10.10.040 prohibits the discharge of fireworks in Seward unless specifically <br />approved by the City Council. The fireworks display will be presented by the same vendor the <br />Chamber of Commerce is using, "Fire Art by Griz". <br />Carlile Transportation Systems and Fire Art by Griz have stated that they will work directly with the <br />Seward Fire Depac~tment to ensure that the fireworks show is presented in a safe manner. The <br />location has been reviewed and approved. Fire Arts by Griz has also stated that they will supply <br />security to keep the public away from the set up and discharged area. <br />INTENT: Permit fireworks display for a family event on the 4`~ of July, 2009 at 11:00 p.m. <br />CONSISTENCY CHECKLIST: Where applicable, this resolution is consistent with the Seward <br />City Code, Charter, Comprehensive Plans, Land Use Plans, Strategic Plan and CitS~ Council Rules of <br />Procedures. <br />Other: Not Applicable <br />FISCAL NOTE: There is no fiscal impaci. <br />Approved by Finance Department: <br />RECO1yIMTNDATION: <br />City Council approve Resolution 2009- authorizing the discharge of fireworks for Carlile <br />Transportation Systems' family event and in conjunction with the Fourth of July celebrations. <br />