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CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br /> RESOLUTION 2009 -101 <br /> 8. $2 million for constructing a 100'x 80' metal building to house emergency response <br /> equipment, and shelter supplies at the Fort Raymond Satellite Fire Station <br /> 9. $5 million grant for building the $10 million Seward Library/ Museum (local <br /> contributions and a general obligation bond will provide a 100% match of $5 million to <br /> complete the project) <br /> AUTHORIZATIONS AND BENEFICIAL LEGISLATION <br /> 1. Authorization language in the Water Resource Development Act that the $2.66 million <br /> local government cost share paid by the City of Seward to the Arniy Corps of Engineers <br /> satisfies the total cost share requirements for Phase 1 and Phase 2 Of the Seward Harbor <br /> Expansion Project (additional costs were incurred in a second phase of the project to <br /> correct a design deficiency by the Army Corps of Engineers) <br /> 2. Authorization language amending the Water Resources Development Act of 2007 (Public <br /> Law 110-114, 121 STAT. 1205) as follows: <br /> a. Amending Section 5032 <br /> (1) by striking "Tunnel" from the title; <br /> (2) by striking "Long- Term" from subsection (a); <br /> (3) by striking "Long- Term" from subsection (a)(1); <br /> (4) by striking "Long- Term" from subsection (a)(2). <br /> b. Striking subsection (b) in Section 5032 and inserting language directing the <br /> Secretary to conduct a study to determine whether an alterative method of flood <br /> diversion in Lowell Canyon is feasible. Feasibility shall be determined based on <br /> risk reduction rather than cost - benefit analysis. Federal cost share for the study <br /> shall be the same as the Federal share for the original project. <br /> 3. Authorization language in the Energy Committee Public Lands Bill allowing the <br /> Secretary of Interior to enter into an Agreement with the City of Seward to use and <br /> operate the Kenai Fjords Parks Service Buildings (known locally as the Legends Building <br /> and Old Solly Building) as a conference center for the mutual benefit of local <br /> government agencies and the community of Seward <br /> 4. $250 thousand for operating the .Alaska strandings network and responding to marine <br /> mammal and seabird strandings and mortalities throughout Alaska <br /> 5. $190 thousand for establishing an Alaska Climate Change Knowledge Network <br /> (ACCKN) to foster coordination among the various entities with responsibilities for <br /> collecting, interpreting, and using climate change data <br /> 6. $15 million in the Highway Transportation Bill for extending and improving the Alaska <br /> Railroad Freight Dock in Seward <br /> 7. $2 million in the Highway Transportation Bill for controlling coastal erosion that <br /> threatens the Lowell Point Road and critical public infrastructure <br />