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Council Agenda Statement e <br /> 1) <br /> Meeting Date: November 23, 2009 14-.4-0-1" <br /> From: Phillip Oates, City Manager <br /> Agenda Item: Support for home- porting the Alaska Region Research Vessel in <br /> Seward and Designating the City of Seward as the Northern Marine <br /> Research Capital of Alaska <br /> BACKGROUND & JUSTIFICATION: ort for <br /> Seward's proximity to year - round, ice free Resurrection Bay has long made it a welcoming, port <br /> northern, sub - arctic and arctic marine research organizations. This proximity, in conjunction with the <br /> City of Seward's location on the road and rail system (approximately two hours south of Anchorage), <br /> makes Seward relatively easy to access for traveling members of the scientific community. <br /> For twelve years, the Seward Marine Center in cooperation with the University of Alaska Fairbanks; <br /> School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, has hosted the Alaska Regional Ocean Science Bowl. This <br /> academic competition attracts high school students and coaches from around the state. In 2009, the <br /> Alaska SeaLife Center in partnership with the City of Seward, hosted the National Ocean Sciences <br /> Bowl competition. This recognition has further increased Seward's strong reputation as a hub for <br /> marine research and awareness within the scientific community of Alaska. Seward's local resources, <br /> progressive harbor improvements and City commitment create an ideal location for cutting edge <br /> marine research. <br /> The City of Seward, the Alaska Sea Life Center, and the University of Alaska have worked together <br /> to strengthen Seward as an active hub for sub- arctic, arctic and northern marine research. A primary <br /> goal of the City of Seward, in partnership with the Alaska Sea Lite Center, is to designate Seward as <br /> the northern marine research capital of Alaska. By obtaining City and State recognition as the <br /> Maritime Research Capital of Alaska, and eventually the United States, Seward could greatly increase <br /> the grant writing possibilities and potential to obtain grant funds for the State of Alaska, City of <br /> Seward, the Alaska Sea Life Center and other marine research and educational organizations. This <br /> designation will further increase the State of Alaska, the City of Seward and the Alaska SeaLife <br /> Center's reputation as a competitive facility for northern, arctic and sub- arctic global marine research. <br /> The University of Alaska (UAF) anticipates competition of the construction of their state -of- the -art, <br /> 242 -foot Alaska Region Research Vessel in 2014. UAF has announced their intent to dock this vessel <br /> in Scward. Scward's designation as Alaska's Northern Marine Research Capital and long history of <br /> marine research compliments this partnership. This initiative would provide additional recognition to <br /> community partners including the University of Alaska: School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, the <br /> Alaska Sca Life Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Alutic Shellfish <br /> Hatchery, U.S. Coast Guard, and more. <br /> ATTORNEY REVIEW: No <br /> 99 <br />