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Sponsored by: Oates <br /> CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br /> RESOLUTION 2009 -140 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SEWARD, <br /> ALASKA, DECLARING A STATE OF DISASTER EMERGENCY DUE TO <br /> STORM SURGE DAMAGE IN THE CITY OF SEWARD AND REQUESTING <br /> ASSISTANCE <br /> WHEREAS, commencing on December 1, 2009, the City of Seward sustained losses and <br /> threat to life and property resulting from a winter storm event with torrential rain and high winds; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, the City Manager of the City of Seward issued a Disaster Emergency <br /> Declaration on December 4, 2009; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Seward is a political subdivision within the Kenai Peninsula <br /> Borough and the State of Alaska; and <br /> WHEREAS, the following conditions resulted from the disaster: extensive damage to the <br /> protective barrier along Lowell Point Road, the protective barrier on the southern shoreline, the <br /> protective harrier and infrastructure for water intake for the Alaska SeaLife Center, debris and heavy <br /> erosion of the Greenbelt area, as well personal and real property; and <br /> WHEREAS, the threat of danger or further damages continues to exist in Seward with storm <br /> front anticipated by the National Weather Service; and <br /> WHEREAS, the cost of emergency measures taken and to be taken to prevent further <br /> damage or loss of life and property within the City of Seward has yet to be fully determined; and <br /> WHEREAS, the city's sole sewer line from the City of Seward to the Lowell Point Sewage <br /> Lagoon is located along the center line of the Lowell Point Road; and <br /> WHEREAS, the loss of the sewage line under the Lowell Point Road would constitute a <br /> major threat to public safety and the environment; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Lowell Point Road provides the utility corridor for all electrical services to <br /> Lowell Point; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Lowell Point Road provides the only access to state and federal parks at <br /> Lowell Point; and <br />