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Agenda Statement <br /> Meeting Date: January 25, 2010 <br /> d oc sets,. <br /> To: Phillip Oates, City Manager u 9' 9 <br /> a <br /> From: Kari Anderson, Harbormaster 1 <br /> Agenda Item: Amending the Port & Harbor Tariff Section 200: <br /> Assignments to a permanent slip from the waiting <br /> lists <br /> BACKGROUND & JUSTIFICATION: <br /> The Port & Harbor Tariff Regulations stipulate that "Assignments to a permanent slip from the <br /> waiting list shall be made in January each year by the Harbormaster based on the slip size available <br /> and the most senior name on the waiting list for that size slip." It is not possible to issue these <br /> assignments during the month of January due to delays of current slip - holders returning their moorage <br /> contracts and payment by the December 31' deadline, the length of time required for involuntary <br /> relinquishment of a slip (minimum 20 days SCC §7.10.360), processing the transfer list, and the time <br /> requirements for notification of individuals that they are eligible for a slip (minimum 10 days <br /> SCC §7.10.320). <br /> The proposed language would revise the Port & Harbor Tariff Regulations to allow for permanent <br /> slip assignments to be made over a six month timeframe, from January through June each year. This <br /> would allow ample time to offer a slip to several individuals, in the event an applicant fails to respond <br /> or denies the slip. Processing the waitlist in a timely and efficient manner would allow for individuals <br /> on the waitlist to see their advancement toward obtaining a slip. <br /> Concerns have been raised by one member of the Port & Commerce Advisory Board regarding <br /> notification to individuals on the waitlist regarding this change. If this new language to the Port & <br /> Harbor Tariff Regulations is approved by council, the Harbor will notify all individuals on the waitlist <br /> of the timeframe extension for issuing slips, and will advertise this change in the harbor newsletter and <br /> through local yacht clubs. <br /> The Tariff change relating to the Small Boat Harbor would read as follows: <br /> ( @tri R = deletions; bold italics = additions) <br /> Subsection <br /> 200 MOORAGE <br /> (b) Waiting List for Permanent Slip Assignment. Due to the demand for slips on the City of Seward float <br /> system, vessels will be assigned permanent slips based on waiting lists maintained by the Harbormaster's <br /> office. Separate waiting lists shall be maintained for the following size floats: <br /> 17 feet (accommodates vessel 12 to 21 feet) <br /> 23 feet (accommodates vessel 22 to 26 feet) <br /> 32 feet (accommodates vessel 27 to 36 feet) <br /> 40 feet (accommodates vessel 37 to 44 feet) <br /> 50 feet (accommodates vessel 46 to 54 feet) <br /> 75 feet (accommodates vessel 55 to 90 feet) <br /> 6 <br />