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Council Agenda Statement <br /> Meeting Date: June 14, 2010 <br /> P O F SF <br /> To: Mayor Dunham, City Council Members � � , <br /> From: Jean Lewis, City C1e , q P <br /> Agenda Item: Approval of Mural Society Project for Sister City birthdays <br /> BACKGROUND & JUSTIFICATION: <br /> As you know, Seward has a very active arts community with over 14 major murals, and has been <br /> named by the Governor, "Mural Capital of Alaska." <br /> On November 24, 2008, the Seward Mural Society sent a proposal letter to the City proposing to <br /> paint and exchange an "international friendship mural" with our sister -city Obihiro, Japan as a <br /> gesture of friendship and a gift from and to each other for our city's birthdays. On January 2009, an <br /> email was sent to Obihiro's International Relations Department discussing this proposal, along with <br /> a signed letter later from Mayor Dunham, on whether Obihiro would share in the vision of this <br /> unique opportunity. We have been awaiting word from Japan. <br /> On June 7, 2010, the newly elected Mayor of Obihiro, Norihisa Yonezawa, has responded (attached) <br /> and is very much in favor of moving forward with this project. Although there is no cost estimate to <br /> the city with this proposal submitted, it is my understanding the travel costs by a few artists will be <br /> handled personally by those individuals. Supply costs would be borne by the Mural Society, which <br /> would be funding this project with donations and grants. <br /> Here is a Preliminary time line for the Obihiro Mural Project as submitted by the Seward <br /> Mural Society: <br /> May - June 2010: We need to know officially if Obihiro is interested in a mural for summer of <br /> 2012. <br /> July - August 2010: Obihiro to choose a location - the side of a building in Obihiro OR a free- <br /> standing mural in a park. <br /> We would need photographs of the location, the dimensions of the side of a building OR the <br /> dimensions of a free - standing mural in a park. <br /> (This will enable us to find a designer to work within the limits of the projected mural size.) <br /> October 2010: The Seward Mural Society will invite local artists to submit designs for a specific <br /> location in Obihiro. <br /> March 2011: Deadline for artist designs. An artist will be chosen from ideas submitted. <br /> August 2011: Artist finished rendering in color and photographed <br /> October 2011: Begin Fund - raising through private donations and grants using the finished <br /> painting in the fund - raising applications. <br />