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May 2012: Seward to submit materials list to Obihiro. (Cost of supplies will be reimbursed by <br /> the Seward Mural Society at the conclusion of the project) <br /> June 2012: <br /> Obihiro will research suppliers in the area and place orders for materials. <br /> Obihiro will find a warehouse, school, studio, or other large indoor area with a public restroom <br /> where painting can take place. <br /> Obihiro will identify and commit 20 local artists to the project. <br /> Obihiro will plan welcome and housing for visiting Seward artists. <br /> Summer 2012: (Exact Dates to be determined) <br /> Materials will be delivered to the painting area, tables set up, visquine on floors, all the details of <br /> the actual painting taken care of 1 day <br /> Obihiro artists and Seward artists will gather to prepare the panels (sanding, washing, <br /> priming) 3 days <br /> Obihiro artists and Seward artists will begin painting 3 -5 days <br /> Obihiro artists and Seward artists will apply protective coating 1 day <br /> Summer 2013: Obihiro would be invited to do the same. <br /> INTENT: To further the relationship ties between Seward, Alaska and Obihiro, Japan and provide a <br /> lasting gift to each of the city's in honor of our incorporations as a city. <br /> CONSISTENCY CHECKLIST: Where applicable, this resolution is consistent with the Seward <br /> City Code, Charter, Comprehensive Plans, Land Use Plans, Strategic Plan and City Council Rules of <br /> Procedures. <br /> Other: n/a <br /> ATTORNEY REVIEW: No <br /> FISCAL NOTE: Costs are uncertain at this time. Costs associated with the painting of these murals <br /> would be borne by the Mural Society by applying for grants, through private donations and <br /> fundraising. Artists would pay their own airfare and Seward would provide homestays or hotels for <br /> any visiting Japanese artists. <br /> Approved by Finance Department: v <br /> RECOMMENDATION: Support and approve the proposal and idea from the Seward Mural Society <br /> which would allow an exchange of murals between the two city's for the year's 2012 and 2013. <br />