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Council Agenda Statement <br /> Meeting Date: December 13, 2010 CoF sF <br /> To: Mayor Dunham, City Council Member <br /> From: Jean Lewis, City Clerk 1j y P <br /> Agenda Item: Approve Employment Agreement with Johanna Kinney for <br /> City Clerk Services <br /> BACKGROUND & JUSTIFICATION: <br /> City Clerk Jean Lewis is leaving her employment and retiring at year end after completion of <br /> 30 years state and local government service. City Council decided to interview Deputy City Clerk <br /> Johanna Kinney prior to active recruitment. After the interview on October 25, 2010, council came <br /> out of executive session and made a motion to hire Johanna Kinney for the City Clerk position based <br /> on successful salary and contract negotiations. Salary and contract negotiations were successful and <br /> completed on October 9, 2010. <br /> INTENT: To approve this employment agreement to begin the day after retirement of City Clerk <br /> Jean Lewis, to insure a seamless transition with no vacancy in that department. <br /> CONSIS 1'ENCY CHECKLIST: Where applicable, this resolution/ordinance is consistent with the <br /> Seward City Code, Charter, Comprehensive Plans, Land Use Plans, Strategic Plan and City Council <br /> Rules of Procedures. <br /> Other: <br /> FISCAL NOTE: This has already been factored into the FY 2011 Budget. <br /> ATTORNEY REVIEW: YES NO X <br /> Approved by Finance Department: � 9 i,Mo <br /> RECOMMENDATION: <br /> Approve Resolution 2010-117, which approves the employment agreement between the Seward City <br /> Council and Johanna Kinney for City Clerk services upon the retirement of Jean A. Lewis. <br />