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Council Agenda Statement <br /> V �6,�O <br /> Meeting Date: February 13, 2012 ,,�,_.\, <br /> , <br /> To: City Council 4 44 - 0- 1 ' <br /> From: Johanna Kinney, City Clerk c <br /> Agenda Item: Resolution 2012 - vt , Amending the Employment Agreement with the City <br /> Clerk <br /> BACKGROUND & JUSTIFICATION: <br /> Johanna Kinney has been employed by the Seward City Council as the City Clerk since January 3, <br /> 2011. The City Clerk does not participate in standard employee step increases or cost of living <br /> adjustments (COLA) as outlined in the Seward City Code, and any increase in pay must be by an <br /> amendment to the employment agreement via Council Resolution. <br /> The attached resolution reflects a 10% increase to Kinney's salary, to $62,590 annually, reflecting <br /> the outcome of an annual evaluation by the Seward City Council, which took place on January 23, <br /> 2012. <br /> During the budget process, the administration typically makes no judgment about pay changes for the <br /> City Clerk, as it is sometimes uncomfortable for a Clerk to justify budgeting for a pay raise that will <br /> require an evaluation and a contract negotiation. Therefore, during the 2012 and 2013 budget <br /> process, administration did not include any budget adjustment for the Clerk. This was done simply <br /> to reflect the fact that no COLA was included for City employees in 2012 or 2013. The attached <br /> resolution appropriates the additional salary and benefits necessary to accommodate a 10% pay <br /> increase. <br /> INTENT: <br /> The intent of this increase is to bring the City Clerk's salary up to a level comparable to other City <br /> Clerk wages in similar Alaskan municipalities, and to amend both the 2012 and 2013 budgets to <br /> accommodate the impact. <br /> CONSISTENCY CHECKLIST: Yes No N/A <br /> 1. Comprehensive Plan (document source here): x <br /> 2. Strategic Plan (document source here): x <br /> 3. Other (list): n/a <br /> FISCAL NOTE: <br /> The total impact on salary and benefits of this contract amendment is $6,830 in 2012 and also in <br /> 2013. An appropriation is being requested from General Fund undesignated fund balance. <br /> Approved by Finance Department: 44,-.4.,,e <br /> a5 <br />