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City of Seward, Alaska Planning Commission Minutes <br /> April 3, 2012 Volume 6, Page 473 <br /> Assistant City Manager Ron Long also updated the Commission on the following items: imegi <br /> • The proposed new U.S. Coast Guard building project was moving forward, and the old <br /> building near North Harbor Street was slated for removal. The Coast Guard was continuing <br /> to make property lease payments to the City. <br /> • Foundation work on the library museum project was to begin soon, with the stocking of <br /> construction materials at the founder's monument parking lot. A crane would be staged <br /> along Sixth Avenue for a portion of the construction and traffic patterns may be altered. <br /> • The City Administration was working with the Friends of the Jesse Lee Home to transfer <br /> the property from City ownership to the organization. <br /> • Polar Seafoods was exploring the possibility of constructing a bunkhouse in the Seward <br /> Marine Industrial Center. <br /> Commissioners further discussed the proposed projects. Commissioner Butts asked <br /> Administration whether any hazardous materials may need to be disposed of as part of the <br /> old Coast Guard building demolition. <br /> City Building Official Dave Squires, who was asked to respond, explained that the <br /> contractor was required to apply for a City demolition permit and was required to note <br /> what kinds of material were involved. <br /> n ..r <br /> Other Reports, Announcements & Presentations — None t <br /> Citizens' Comments on any subject except those items scheduled for Public Hearing — None <br /> Approval of Agenda and Consent Agenda <br /> Motion (Ecklund/Butts) Approve the Agenda and the Consent <br /> Agenda <br /> Motion Passed Unanimous <br /> The following items were approved on the Consent Agenda: <br /> December 6, 2011 Regular Meeting Minutes <br /> Unfinished Business Items requiring a Public Hearing — None <br /> Special Items <br /> Election of Chair and Vice -Chair <br /> Roach' opened the floor to accept nominations for Chair of the Planning and Zoning <br /> Commission. Ecklund nominated Roach' for Chair. <br />