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City of Seward, Alaska Historic Preservation Commission Minutes <br /> April 18, 2012 Volume 2, Page200 <br /> attend to see the fruits of their labors and that there will be a brunch at the Senior Center as well. .. <br /> There is a charge for the brunch. <br /> Library Museum: <br /> Linville reported that PCL is on site and working hard. They have set the substantial completion date <br /> as mid to late November depending on their ability to make up a week lost to snow melting and <br /> removal before they could start. Harmon Construction is doing the concrete and is great to see local <br /> workers on the job. <br /> Linville also reported that RBHS members and volunteers have been working diligently on the <br /> museum packing project, documenting, cleaning and packing artifacts. This activity will continue <br /> throughout the summer with volunteers and staff. RBHS will keep the museum open over the <br /> summer using volunteers and not charging admission. <br /> Other Reports, Announcements & Presentations <br /> None <br /> Friends of the Jesse Lee Home Update <br /> Richardson reported that she has looked over the Jesse Lee Home website and noticed no <br /> updates besides selling merchandise. Richardson indicated that Friends of the Jesse Lee Home has .,.al <br /> lobbied City Council and the Legislature for support although she does not know the results. <br /> Website Updates & Historical Site Inventory <br /> Commissioner Reynolds was absent. No website updates. <br /> Photos for CLG Grant 2008 — Chair Lasota <br /> Lasota reported that by next month more photos would be uploaded into the website with <br /> possible a work session. <br /> Citizens' Comments on Any Subject, Except Those Items Scheduled For Public Hearing <br /> Margaret Anderson who resides within the City limits who has also served on the Planning <br /> and Zoning Commission and City Council thanked the Commissioners for serving the public and <br /> indicated her interest in the agenda and the updates of the Jesse Lee Home. Anderson indicated that <br /> she would like to see the City reexamine the Jesse Lee Home Project and commented that the cost <br /> has not been identified as far as the reconstruction of the building and that the Balto School Model <br /> costs in financing are still up in the air and that the City Council, Historic Preservation Commission <br /> and State Legislature have been on board for this project but in Anderson's opinion, she indicated <br />