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Council Agenda Statement <br /> Meeting Date: June 25, 2012 <br /> From: Karin Sturdy, Parks & Recreation Director <br /> Through: Jim Hunt, City Manager <br /> Agenda Item: ALPAR Litter Patrol Grant <br /> BACKGROUND & JUSTIFICATION <br /> Seward Parks and Recreation has again been awarded a grant from Alaskans for Litter Prevention and <br /> Recycling ( "ALPAR "), in the amount of $2,500. This grant will fund a youth litter patrol in Seward, and <br /> reimburse personnel expenses from the project. Youth workers shall be paid minimum wage, $7.75 and the <br /> adult crew leader will be paid $13.30 per hour. Applications for crew positions will remain open <br /> throughout the summer. <br /> We have also made our request again to the Kenai Peninsula Borough - Solid Waste Division asking a <br /> matching $2,500 for our litter patrol program, and /or other litter control or beautification projects. Due to <br /> the Borough's fiscal year beginning July 1, we expect to receive funding after that time as we have <br /> consistently for many years. <br /> Last summer, the litter patrol consisted of adult leaders and a part-time crew of up to nine youth workers. <br /> Usually a minimum three crew members worked four hours per day, five days per week from June through <br /> August. The litter crews cleaned the downtown area, the beach, the harbor plaza, city parks and streets, <br /> parking lots, playgrounds and the Highway out to the Chamber of Commerce building. When time allowed, <br /> they cleaned residential areas. Youth crew members must be ages 14 to 17, as defined in the ALPAR grant <br /> requirements. <br /> Council action is required to accept these grants, appropriate the funds, and to accept the litter patrol <br /> budget. Work began June 4 and will finish as school begins in mid - August. <br /> CONSISTENCY CHECKLIST: Yes No NA <br /> 1 Comprehensive Plan: Page 18: X <br /> ( "Work with ALPAR..." ) <br /> 2 Strategic Plan: Page 2 X <br /> ( "Attractive,... Community ") <br /> 3 Other 1993 Parks & Rec Master Plan: X <br /> (Not listed specifically, but consistent with goals) <br /> ALPAR Budget: <br /> 215- 2157 -5010 Salaries $3,800.00 <br /> 215- 2157 -5080 Workers' Compensation 325.00 <br /> 215- 2157 -5090 Social Security 600.00 <br /> 215- 2157 -5449 Operating 275.00 <br /> TOTAL $5000.00 <br /> FISCAL NOTE: <br /> The revenue sources for litter patrol project grants fully fund the expenses; $2,500 from ALPAR plus <br /> $2,500 from the Kenai Peninsula Borough Solid Waste Division. <br />