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Council Agenda Statement <br /> e of sF� <br /> Meeting Date: July 23, 2012 v e C' <br /> Through: Jim Hunt, City Manager q p <br /> From: Norman Regis, Deputy Harbormaster <br /> Agenda Item: State legislative grant for harbor bathroom renovations <br /> BACKGROUND & JUSTIFICATION: <br /> A grant application was submitted to the State of Alaska requesting funds to renovate the harbor <br /> restrooms to provide improved ADA accessibility and additional public use facilities. The grant was <br /> awarded and the harbor department is preparing to move forward with the bid process and eventual <br /> design, engineering and renovation. This resolution will appropriate the funds to move forward with <br /> that process. <br /> INTENT: <br /> Appropriation of $130,000 received through a State of Alaska Legislative grant, for harbor bathroom <br /> renovations. <br /> CONSISTENCY CHECKLIST: Yes No N/A <br /> 1. Comprehensive Plan: Small Boat Harbor Development page 22 X <br /> 2 Strategic Plan: page 7 Complete the renovation of the Small Boat X <br /> Harbor <br /> 3. Other (list): X <br /> FISCAL NOTE: <br /> The entire project cost is $130,000. This grant does not require a match from the City. <br /> Approved by Finance Department: <br /> ATTORNEY REVIEW: Yes No X <br /> RECOMMENDATION: G� <br /> City Council approves Resolution 2012- appropriating $130,000.00 from the State of Alaska <br /> Designated Legislative Grant Fund to the 2012 Harbor budget in account 401 - 4360 -5390 to design <br /> and renovate the restrooms located at the Harbormasters building. <br />