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Agenda Statement <br /> e 4 of se <br /> Meeting Date: August 13, 2012 � to <br /> To: City Council <br /> 41 4A - S - 0 <br /> • <br /> Through: City Manager Jim Hunt <br /> From: Harbormaster Mack Funk <br /> Agenda Item: Amending the Wash Down pad contract with PND Engineers <br /> BACKGROUND & JUSTIFICATION: In 2009, the City Administration applied for grant funds to <br /> design and construct a vessel wash down pad at the Seward Marine Industrial Center (SMIC). The <br /> proposed system included a heated pressure washer, but not a heated concrete slab or the mechanical <br /> and electrical gear to allow year -round use. It appears that this decision was driven by cost. The <br /> City's engineer estimated that a fully heated system will cost approximately $1.3 Million more than a <br /> non - heated system. <br /> In January 2012, the City Council accepted grant funds and later approved an engineering <br /> design contract. (It is expected that a construction grant will be approved this fall for construction in <br /> 2013). Neither the design contract nor the expected grant includes the heating system to allow year - <br /> round use. With the planned expansion at SMIC, the Administration believes that designing the <br /> complete system, to include heating, for future incorporation into the facility as funds become <br /> available and for year -round use, would make the most sense. <br /> About 60 vessels are currently hauled out with the 250 ton lift at SMIC each year, with the <br /> busiest seasons in the spring and fall. We expect that number to increase and the time frame to <br /> expand into the colder months as the SMIC improvements associated with the Coastal Villages <br /> project moves advances. The wash down pad will be used to clean the bottoms of vessels when they <br /> are hauled out and the wastewater will be recycled. <br /> After negotiating with the engineering firm, the estimate to design the complete system is <br /> $91,629.50. The engineering firm is working under time and materials basis, so it is now proposed <br /> that the estimate be utilized as a not -to- exceed amount. This requires a change order of $31,277 <br /> beyond the approved contract amount ($60,352.50) and extra appropriations in the amount of <br /> $1904.50 from harbor reserve funds. <br /> INTENT: To design a wash down system with the most operational flexibility for year -round use. <br /> CONSISTENCY CHECKLIST: Yes No N/A <br /> Comprehensive Plan (document source here): Continue to support, <br /> 1. promote, enhance and develop harbor facilities to accommodate X <br /> Seward's growing demand for marine transport facilities. (page 35). <br /> 2 Strategic Plan (document source here): " that promote a higher X <br /> standard of living." (page 3) <br /> 3. Other (list): X <br /> ��v <br />