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CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br /> RESOLUTION 2012 -083 <br /> J <br /> breakwater to improve and increase ship moorage and loading capacity for the <br /> Coastal Villages Fishing Fleet home porting, Beaufort and Chukchi exploration and <br /> development. <br /> (2) $4 million for doubling the railway capacity of the ship lift (Syncrolift) and <br /> associated upland improvements for repair work on at the Seward Marine Industrial <br /> Center to meet current and increasing customer demands. <br /> (3) $200,000 for engineering and design to replace failing infrastructure in the Seward <br /> Small Boat Harbor including A, B, C, G, K, L, and S Floats. <br /> (4) $500,000 to pave the apron and add a wash down pad at the 50 ton travel lift. <br /> (5) $250,000 to pave in the northeast parking lot of the Seward Small Boat Harbor. <br /> (6) $1.5 million for storm water discharge infrastructure that includes a security fence <br /> around the city vessel storage area at the Seward Marine Industrial Center. <br /> (7) $150,000 for a card -lock crane at the travel -lift dock. <br /> C. ELECTRIC <br /> (1) $4.0 million to complete the third and final phase of modernizing the emergency <br /> back -up generation facility in Seward, including generator relocation, switching and <br /> synchronization gear, grid integration and warehouse space. <br /> (2) $5 million to design and rebuild the transmission line from the Seward Highway to <br /> Seward Marine Industrial Center. <br /> (3) $2 million to rebuild obsolete and aging infrastructure and add new infrastructure <br /> within the expanding Camelot Subdivision where development is and growth <br /> requires the new updated system. <br /> (4) $1 million to take advantage of an existing out -of -use water main in order to bury <br /> and secure utility lines running next to the lagoon. <br /> (5) $1.5 million to repair and replace one mile of transmission line into the Fort <br /> Raymond Substation with 115kV compatible equipment (this is a project supported <br /> by the Alaska Railbelt Cooperative Transmission and Electric Company — <br /> ARCTEC — because the current condition of the transmission line exceeds the <br /> estimated life expectancy of 50- years). <br /> (6) $17 million to upgrade the transmission line to 115KV in Seward, upgrade <br /> transformers and other equipment for the higher voltage in order to reduce line loss <br /> and improve efficiency and reliability of power distribution. <br /> D. ROADS, STREETS, AND ADA ACCESIBILITY <br /> (1) $300,000 for improving City ADA accessibility. <br /> (2) $300,000 match request for DOT programed City road repairs. <br /> (3) $2.25 million for Seward Community Roads for repaving road surfaces, <br /> reconstructing sidewalks, and improving roadway drainage systems. <br /> (4) $2.496 million for design, engineering and construction to protect Lowell Point <br /> Road in the City of Seward from coastal erosion. (This road provides the sole land <br /> access to critical public infrastructure, state parks, and a Kenai Peninsula Borough <br /> residential housing area). <br />