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Agenda Statement <br /> asps <br /> Meeting Date: December 10, 2012 if , _� <br /> � �o <br /> T, <br /> To: City Manager, James Hunt " <br /> 44 ASO <br /> From: Karin Sturdy, Parks & Recreation Director <br /> Agenda Item: Extension Custodial Services for AVTEC Gym and TYC <br /> BACKGROUND & JUSTIFICATION: <br /> Merritt Enterprises was awarded the custodial contract at both the AVTEC Gym (Sports & Rec <br /> program) and the Teen & Youth Center (TYC) since the RFP was originally scored. Merritt has <br /> performed well for the City the past decade. Recently significant changes have occurred within the <br /> City's Use Agreement with AVTEC which will eventually impact the custodial needs. Until such time <br /> as the final location of the Sports & Rec program is determined and accomplished, we are requesting a <br /> six -month extension of the custodial contract with Merritt. TYC custodial needs remain unchanged. <br /> Attached you will find the Merritt Enterprises contract for a six -month term for cleaning the Teen & <br /> Youth Center and the lower level of the AVTEC (Alaska Vocational Technical Center) Student Service <br /> Center. <br /> Sports & Rec must vacate office and storage space before the AVTEC Dormitory demolition takes place <br /> in March, 2013. We hope to have our new, updated custodial needs detailed and publish requests for <br /> proposals or formal bids in April or May. We hope to bring a new contract to the City Council in June, <br /> 2013 with a start date of July 1. <br /> Payment will be $3,190.00 each month for six months. <br /> INTENT: <br /> The intent of this contract is to provide required custodial services in the most cost - effective and <br /> proficient manner possible. <br /> CONSISTENCY CHECKLIST: Yes No N/A <br /> Comprehensive Plan (document source here): section 3.7.1 <br /> Strategic Plan (document source here): pages 13, and 18 <br /> Other (list): <br /> ATTIORNEY REVIEW: Yes No X <br /> FISCAL NOTE: Custodial contract and Equipment Credit funding was approved in the 2012/2013 <br /> budget. <br />