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Sponsored by: Clerk <br /> is= <br /> CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br /> RESOLUTION 2014-048 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SEWARD, <br /> ALASKA, ESTABLISHING A MOBILE VENDOR AND ROVING <br /> VENDOR POLICY FOR PERMITTING VENDORS ON CITY-OWNED <br /> PROPERTY <br /> WHEREAS, each year the city receives numerous requests from individuals interested in <br /> vending on city land; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City Council met in a work session on February 24, 2014 and directed <br /> the Planning and Zoning Commission to provide a recommendation on allowing mobile vendors <br /> on city property, including sales in the campgrounds; and <br /> WHEREAS, after numerous work sessions and a special meeting, the Planning and <br /> Zoning Commission approved Resolution 2014-06, recommending the City Council amend <br /> portions of the City Code to allow mobile and roving vendors on city-owned property; and <br /> WHEREAS, Ordinance 2014-004 was brought forward to the City Council for <br /> introduction at their May 12, 2014 City Council meeting with a public hearing and possible <br /> enactment scheduled for this May 27, 2014 meeting; and <br /> WHEREAS, in addition to the allowances proposed, Ordinance 2014-004, also states any <br /> policies and procedures of mobile and roving vending shall be set by resolution of the City <br /> Council; and <br /> WHEREAS, a draft policy went before the City Council at their May 12, 2014 meeting <br /> for review; and <br /> WHEREAS, the final policy is before the council with their additional directives <br /> incorporated. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br /> CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA, that: <br /> Section 1. By this resolution the City Council adopts a mobile vendor and roving vendor <br /> policy, attached and incorporated herein as Attachment A. <br /> Section 2. This resolution shall take effect immediately upon its adoption. <br /> PASSED AND APPROVED by the City Council of the City of Seward, Alaska, this 27th <br />