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City of Seward <br /> Mobile Vendor and Roving Vendor Policy <br /> As Approved by City Council Resolution 2014-048 <br /> PURPOSE <br /> The purpose of this policy is to provide rules and regulations for the allowance of mobile <br /> vending and roving vending on city-owned property. This policy is developed in accordance with <br /> Seward City Code Section 15.10.140 (Definitions) and Section 15.10.225 (Land Uses Allowed <br /> and Land Uses Allowed Table) and will be provided to prospective vendors as part of the <br /> application packet. <br /> Vending Permit Applications <br /> Applications for a vending permit will be accepted by the City Clerk beginning October 1 st each <br /> year for the following year (with the exception of the first year, which will be June 16, 2014). <br /> Vending permits are non-transferrable and are not eligible for subleasing. <br /> Vendors may surrender their permit at any time by submitting a written statement to the City <br /> Clerk. <br /> Insurance <br /> Each vendor shall be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance with the City of Seward as an <br /> Additional Named Insured for a Commercial General Liability policy with coverage for $2 <br /> million aggregate/$1 million per occurrence, Commercial Auto, and Workers Compensation (if <br /> business has employees). <br /> If the business has employees, state law requires Workers Compensation insurance. <br /> Subsequently, the City of Seward will additionally require the vendor provide a Waiver of <br /> Subrogation. <br /> A review of the permit application will be conducted by the city's Risk Manager (in cooperation <br /> with the city's insurance provider) to determine if Product Liability insurance will also be <br /> necessary. If this additional insurance coverage is required, the City Clerk's office will notify the <br /> permittee in writing of this requirement. <br /> Food vendors agree to comply with all state and federal regulations necessary for proper food <br /> handling requirements. <br /> Mobile Vendor and Roving Vendor Policy City of Seward, Alaska <br /> Resolution 2014-048 Effective May 27, 2014 Attachment A <br />