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City of Seward,Alaska City Council Minutes <br /> February 23, 2015 Volume 39, Page 475 <br /> aforementioned$7 million budget.McDonald concluded with reports that 2015 was forecasted for a <br /> huge year for fish habitat. <br /> Lynda Paquette would love an update on the timeline for the sewage lagoon project.It was <br /> almost the end of February, and not seeing any action was making people nervous. She encouraged <br /> council to think about being proactive by drafting a letter to lodging businesses on Lowell Point for <br /> this year for guests who had complaints about the conditions. The summer was looking busy, so it <br /> would be nice to give them something from the city holding the business on Lowell Point harmless <br /> and apologizing for any inconvenience.The negative online business reviews seemed to quiet down, <br /> which was good, but she hoped she and the city could stay on top of this issue coming into the <br /> summer season. <br /> Bob Linville thanked council for passing the crane resolution in January. He noted the <br /> discussion item on bringing more commercial fisherman to Seward on council's agenda tonight. <br /> Linville felt Seward did not have the infrastructure and taxes were extensive.He suggested using the <br /> raw fish tax to fund some projects and create a priority list to keep the harbor facilities ahead of the <br /> curve. The taxation needed to be changed and the city should impose a flat tax. <br /> APPROVAL OF AGENDA AND CONSENT AGENDA <br /> Motion (Keil/Casagranda) Approval of Agenda and Consent Agenda <br /> Motion Passed Unanimous <br /> The clerk read the following approved consent agenda items: <br /> Approval of the January 12, 2015 and the February 9, 2015 Regular City Council Meeting <br /> Minutes. <br /> Appoint Janet Coulter and Margaret Anderson to the Planning and Zoning Commission,with <br /> terms expiring February 2018 (Coulter) and February 2016 (Anderson). <br /> SPECIAL ORDERS, PRESENTATIONS AND REPORTS <br /> Proclamations & Awards—None <br /> Chamber of Commerce Report. Cindy Clock welcomed the R/V Sikuliaq to town and <br /> noted it was exciting watching the ship come in today. Clock thanked everyone for attending the <br /> chamber's Community Awards Banquet. The newly improved community events calendar was <br /> online and the chamber had signed up many people to contribute to it. The Marketing Committee <br /> would be meeting next Wednesday to discuss improving local events. Clock noted $3.72 billion <br /> dollars were spent a year in Alaska. It was estimated that tourism accounted for 25%'of sales tax <br /> revenue in the borough.2015 was looking like a high year for tourism.Norwegian Cruise Lines was <br /> scheduled to come to Seward this year. The next chamber luncheon was March 6, 2015 where <br /> Seward Community Health Center Executive Director Patrick Linton would be the speaker. The <br /> Energy and SMIC groups were meeting this week. <br />