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City of Seward,Alaska City Council Minutes <br /> July 13, 2015 Volume 39,Page 569 <br /> The clerk read the following approved consent agenda items: <br /> Approval of the June 22,2015 Regular City Council Meeting Minutes. <br /> Appoint Sandie Roach' to the Historic Preservation Commission for a term to expire May, <br /> 2016. <br /> SPECIAL ORDERS,PRESENTATIONS AND REPORTS <br /> Mayor Bardarson drew attention to the Pat Williams memoriam proclamation on the wall in <br /> council chambers. <br /> Proclamations & Awards—None <br /> Borough Assembly Report. Sue McClure reported the assembly had met twice since her <br /> last report. One item that had been getting a lot of discussion lately was the proposal to raise the cap <br /> on sales tax from$500 to$1,000 per sale.The item was tabled and,instead,the borough decided to <br /> perform a review of the entire tax code throughout the borough. The borough's Health Care Task <br /> Force was nearly formed,and Seward Community Health Center Executive Director Patrick Linton <br /> was Seward's representative.They would be meeting soon.There was also a Marijuana Task Force, <br /> headed up by Borough Mayor Chief of Staff Paul Ostrander,which was having its second meeting <br /> next week.Ron Long was Seward's representative on that task force.Another topic that came before <br /> the assembly often was that of animal abuse.There was widespread concern about animal abuse,and <br /> it was apparently not an uncommon issue throughout the borough.Concerned parties have requested <br /> the borough create a task force to address the situation. The assembly would next meet on July 28, <br /> 2015. <br /> City Manager's Report.Jim Hunt said for the past year the city had been working with the <br /> Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority(AIDEA)to overwinter an oil rig in Seward. <br /> Assistant City Manager Ron Long added the heat pump loop for the geothermic test well <br /> contract had been finalized and the test results would allow for a stronger grant application for a <br /> production well.There was a bid opening last week for the Seward Marine Industrial Center(SMIC) <br /> breakwater project and there were six bidders;a notice of intent to award would be forthcoming.He <br /> drew council's attention to the upcoming training for council, boards and commissions being <br /> conducted by the City Clerk and City Attorney. <br /> In response to Bardarson, Hunt confirmed that the Alaska Logistics lease included a <br /> performance clause in it,and that the lease agreement would be 8%of the appraisal to be conducted <br /> by an independent appraiser and not the City of Seward.Long added that as the value of the property <br /> went up,the lease rate would go up with it. <br /> Squires asked for clarification about the test well because he thought the pipes would be run <br /> out into the bay. Long explained that running the pipes out into the bay was an idea presented in the <br /> initial concept, but since then there was an opportunity to use a closed loop system from on shore <br /> which would result in a heating system as effective as it would if the pipes ran into the bay; the <br />