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City of Seward,Alaska City Council Minutes <br /> August 10, 2015 Volume 39, Page 585 <br /> accounting. Smith noted it was a well-run organization. The mayor received a letter regarding long <br /> range planning for the council including review of the SERVS fishing vessel program and others. <br /> There was a$2.6 million project list planned for this fiscal year. The annual Marine Firefighting <br /> Symposium would be held in Valdez this year and council has been invited to help contribute to the <br /> planning of the event. <br /> APPROVAL OF AGENDA AND CONSENT AGENDA <br /> Motion (Keil/Casagranda) Approval of Agenda and Consent Agenda <br /> Motion Passed Unanimous <br /> The clerk read the following approved consent agenda items: <br /> Ordinance 2015-003,Amending Chapters 11.01 And 11.05 Of The City's Vehicle And Traffic Code, <br /> Adopting State Of Alaska Traffic Laws,Adopting The Surcharge Required By AS 29.25.074,And <br /> Updating Enforcement Provisions Related To Traffic Violations. (Introduced and set for public <br /> hearing and enactment on August 24, 2015) <br /> Resolution 2015-067, Authorizing The Fire Department To Conduct Live Fire Evolutions During <br /> The 2015 Alaska Fire Conference On A Structure Located At 2109 Dimond Boulevard. <br /> SPECIAL ORDERS,PRESENTATIONS AND REPORTS <br /> Proclamations &Awards <br /> Mayor Bardarson read a letter from City of Kushiro and noted they sent a trophy for the <br /> winner of the Silver Salmon Derby. <br /> Mayor Bardarson took a moment to thank Deputy City Clerk Brenda Ballou for her work on <br /> the Japanese Student Exchange. <br /> Borough Assembly Report.Sue McClure reported the assembly met on July 28,2015 and <br /> much of the meeting pertained to the hospitals on the western side of the peninsula. The assembly <br /> was slated to meet only once in August where they would be considering amending the code <br /> regarding rights of way and land use regulations. The annual borough election was coming up,and <br /> on the assembly three seats were up for election,McClure's being one of them as she was becoming <br /> term limited out. The service area board seats were also up for election as well. McClure <br /> encouraged those interested to go to the Seward Annex Office of the borough for candidate <br /> information. McClure corrected an error in a previous report and clarified that the Kenai Peninsula <br /> Borough currently had two task forces—a marijuana task force and a health care task force. <br /> City Manager's Report.Jim Hunt noted there were two purchase orders between$10,000 <br /> and $50,000 approved by him since the last council meeting: $49,000 to the Alaska Railbelt <br /> Cooperative Transmission and Electric Company(ARCTEC)for capital contribution and$15,076 to <br /> G&W Electric for a recloser for the Spring Creek Transformer. Hunt reported the pay station for the <br /> R/V dump station had now brought in over$17,000 in fees. <br />