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City of Seward,Alaska City Council Minutes <br /> August 10, 2015 Volume 39, Page 586 <br /> Casagranda asked if it was common for people to be charged for water in the campgrounds, <br /> Hunt said it was contingent on the government, but didn't think it was unusual. <br /> In response to Squires, Assistant City Manager Ron Long stated administration and <br /> Community Development were working with a map to see what areas could be affected to be <br /> developed to 30'x100' lots. Once that was determined,they intended to take that information to the <br /> Planning and Zoning Commission for a recommendation. Keil said there were lots that had been <br /> subdivided but were privately owned. Hunt said he worked with Kerry Martin to locate these types <br /> of lots and many of these were owned by out of town owners. Hunt wanted to engage those owners <br /> and start a conversation to find out their intent with the land. <br /> In response to Butts, Hunt said he had zero complaints about odor at the Lowell Point <br /> Sewage Lagoon since the last meeting. The lagoon was about 90% full and it appeared to be <br /> functioning as it was supposed to. <br /> In response to Bardarson, Long announced the city lost Project Manager Rick Wise to the <br /> National Park Service. In this loss, administration was able to gain an appreciation for the value of <br /> the position when well executed. They would be advertising the vacancy soon. <br /> In response to Darling,Hunt and Electric Utility Manager John Foutz stated the downtown <br /> decorative lights would be on their agenda for replacement in the fall due to the busy summer season <br /> and short staff of the Electric Department. In response to Terry,Hunt stated there were actually three <br /> positions in the Finance Department to be filled: the front desk Cashier position,the Payroll Clerk <br /> position, and the Assistant Finance Director position. <br /> City Attorney's Report. Will Earnhart stated he and the City Clerk recently conducted <br /> training with the City Council and all boards and commissions on general matters such as the Open <br /> Meetings Act, meeting procedure, and ethics. He was working with staff on drafting ordinances, <br /> personnel issues, and review of contracts. <br /> Other Reports,Announcements and Presentations—None <br /> PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> Resolutions Requiring A Public Hearing <br /> Resolution 2015-065,Recommending Kenai Peninsula Borough Approval Of The City Owned <br /> Seward Tidelands Survey ATS 1574, Tract A, Replat No. 2; Located On The East Side Of <br /> Resurrection Bay Within The Resource Management Zoning District. <br /> Motion (Terry/Casagranda) Approve Resolution 2015-065 <br /> Long indicated the area on a map. The additional development would be reduced in size and <br /> scope and the approximate area was ten acres. He emphasized this resolution recommended a replat <br /> and things like restrictive covenants could be discussed later. This recommendation had the support <br /> of the Planning and Zoning Commission and administration. Long recommended council approval. <br />