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City of Seward,Alaska City Council Special Meeting Minutes <br /> August 31, 2015 Volume 39, Page 604 <br /> Application Be Approved By Council And The City Be Successful In Its Application To Alaska <br /> Energy Authority, The City Shall Appropriate$85,000 For Required Matching Funds. <br /> Motion (Terry/Casagranda) Approve Resolution 2015-078 <br /> Long thanked all the players involved with this study. An initial contract was entered into <br /> with Your Clean Energy to develop an economic evaluation of a Starter District Heating System. <br /> Based on the results given tonight,administration was wishing to apply for a grant to pursue a closed <br /> heat loop system project, using the saltwater of Resurrection Bay to generate energy. <br /> Butts asked if the grant would be able to repay the initial study costs. Long didn't think it <br /> would but there could be some potential in kind matches the city may be able to recover. <br /> Motion to Amend (Terry/Casagranda) Amend Resolution 2015-078, replacing <br /> $800,000 with$850,000 in the 7th Whereas, <br /> and replacing $80,000 with $85,000 in the <br /> 8th Whereas and Section Two. <br /> City Clerk Johanna Kinney clarified through administration the grant acceptance would <br /> still come back for formal,approval and official appropriations would be authorized at that time. <br /> Long confirmed this and noted if the amount of the grant was less,the city's match would also be <br /> less as well. <br /> Motion to Amend Approved Unanimous <br /> Keil thought Andy Baker gave a great presentation tonight. It sounded like a benefit to the <br /> community. <br /> Darling asked if it was similar to the City of Kodiak. In response, Keil said Kodiak used <br /> wind turbines to generate energy. <br /> Squires asked administration why they didn't go for more grant funds. Long said it depended <br /> on how much the city wanted to provide as a match.Long trusted Baker's recommendations based <br /> on his success rates and added he would be concerned with asking for too big of a share as the grant <br /> funding was slowly decreasing over the years. <br /> Main Motion Passed Unanimous <br /> COUNCIL COMMENTS <br /> Terry said Baker had been presenting to the Port and Commerce Advisory Board(PACAB) <br /> for a few years now, and this seemed like a great time to move forward on alternative energy. It <br /> sounded like a great project and made a lot of sense. She thanked both Andy Baker and <br /> administration for their work on this project. <br />