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City of Seward,Alaska City Council Special Meeting Minutes <br /> September 2, 2015 Volume 39, Page 505 <br /> needed to have a fully-staffed solid year of operations under its belt to serve as a performance <br /> baseline. <br /> Council suspended the rules to allow Patrick Linton to speak. <br /> Seward Community Health Center Executive Director Patrick Linton provided an <br /> overview of the two resolutions before council: the first resolution provided the SCHC's proposed <br /> budget for 2016 per their co-applicant agreement with the city;the second resolution authorized the <br /> SCHC to move forward on applying for a service area competition grant application that was due on <br /> September 15, 2015. Linton added that the SCHC was moving into the first year of a three year <br /> budget cycle. <br /> Linton reflected that the SCHC had been open for about 18 months, since March 10,2014. <br /> They were currently working with two permanent, full-time, board-certified family medicine <br /> physicians plus one permanent, full-time physician's assistant. The SCHC opened with six <br /> employees and was now fully staffed with 19 employees. They saw 1,072 unduplicated patients in <br /> 2014, and were on track for seeing over 2,100 unduplicated patients in 2015 and projecting to see <br /> over 3,000 unduplicated patients by year end 2016.Approximately one-third of SCHC patients were <br /> brand new,first-time patients. Approximately 15%of those patients were from out-of-service area. <br /> The federal base grant for the SCHC had grown from approximately $650,000 to over $900,000. <br /> • <br /> Very shortly, Linton was expecting to receive notice of another increase in grant funding and with <br /> that additional grant money,the SCHC would be recruiting a three-quarter-time internal medicine <br /> physician;the physician would work one-quarter time with the Providence Seward Medical Center at <br /> Mountain Haven. The SCHC was now fully compliant with all 19 program requirements as a fully <br /> qualified health care facility. <br /> Linton said that after 18 months in operation he was pleased to report that the SCHC had <br /> either met or exceeded the expectations and hopes of the City Council and the community. <br /> Bardarson disclosed that she sat on the SCHC board, but had not voted on the budget as an <br /> SCHC board member. <br /> Linton explained that the federal grant budget calendar began on February 1St and ran through <br /> January 31st;the budget figures presented tonight were crafted very rigorously and were compliant <br /> with federal requirements. <br /> Terry made the observation that the SCHC and council must remain diligent,conscientious <br /> and good stewards of the sales tax monies being contributed to the SCHC.To that end,she thought it <br /> would be wise to ask the question ever year,"How many more years did the SCHC think they needed <br /> to be part of the City of Seward?" <br /> Squires asked if council and the SCHC should be contemplating the impact of SCHC <br /> employees getting off the city's insurance,the coverage for which would contractually expire after <br /> three years,and Linton replied that the SCHC had been researching insurance but had not yet found a <br /> cost-effective product yet.Bardarson suggested that issue would be addressed in the SCHC's 2017 <br /> budget next year, and not the 2016 budget being considered tonight. <br /> • <br />