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City of Seward,Alaska City Council Minutes <br /> November 9, 2015 Volume 39,Page 545 <br /> Responding to Suzi Towsley's written request to be removed for consideration of the <br /> PACAB seat, Keil requested her name be removed from the agenda item for appointment and <br /> requested the appointment of Christy Terry to PACAB be placed on the consent agenda. <br /> Casagranda requested the following item be placed under Other New Business Items: <br /> Discussion on funding a five-ton crane. <br /> Under Special Orders, Presentations and Reports, Bardarson removed the following item <br /> from the agenda: Seward Marine Terminal Expansion Plan Project Presentation. <br /> Motion Passed Unanimous <br /> The clerk read the following approved consent agenda items: <br /> Appoint Christy Terry to fill the vacant Port and Commerce Advisory Board seat,with a term <br /> expiring July,2016. <br /> SPECIAL ORDERS, PRESENTATIONS AND REPORTS <br /> Proclamations &Awards <br /> Recognition of Christeffal Terry and Iris Darling for their service on the Seward City <br /> Council. <br /> Recognition of Deborah Altermatt for her service on the Port and Commerce Advisory <br /> Board. <br /> Certificate of Appreciation for Seward Music &Arts Festival Organizers. <br /> Certificate of Appreciation for 2015 Alaska Fire Conference Organizers. <br /> City Manager's Report. Jim Hunt stated in addition to his written report, he met with <br /> Cindy Clock at the Chamber of Commerce and the Mount Marathon Race Board to discuss <br /> increasing health and safety on race day.He agreed that aside from service animals,dogs would not <br /> be allowed during the race period next year for safety purposes. <br /> In response to Keil,Hunt stated crews had been working on the downtown decorative lights <br /> and would continue to work on them as time permitted.There were two underground jobs that were <br /> prioritized before the lights because they had to get done before the ground froze. <br /> In response to McClure,Electric Utility Manager John Foutz anticipated his crews to start <br /> hanging Christmas lights the week after Thanksgiving.He also answered that the Harbor Department <br /> was working on installing meters to put electric in the harbor,which had to happen first before any <br /> digging commenced.Harbormaster Norm Regis added that the posts were in,but additional parts <br /> were still three weeks out. If the ground froze in that time,they'd have to wait until spring. <br /> Squires asked for more information on the Kenai Peninsula Borough's Marijuana Task Force. <br />