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City of Seward,Alaska City Council Minutes <br /> December 14, 2015 Volume 39,Page 565 <br /> The clerk read the following approved consent agenda items: <br /> Cancel December 28,2015 City Council Meeting. <br /> Resolution 2015-111,Authorizing A Contract Through December 31,2017,With All Alaska <br /> News Unlimited, LLC For Display Advertising In The Seward Phoenix Log At A Rate Of <br /> $240.00 Per Week. <br /> Resolution 2015-112, Urging The Alaska Legislature And Governor To Fully Fund The <br /> Municipal Harbor Facility Grant Program In The FY2017 State Capital Budget. <br /> Resolution 2015-113, Adopting An Alternative Allocation Method For The FY2016 Shared <br /> Fisheries Business Tax Program, And Certifying That This Allocation Method Fairly <br /> Represents The Distribution Of Significant Effects Of Fisheries Business Activity In The Cook <br /> Inlet Fisheries Management Area. <br /> SPECIAL ORDERS, PRESENTATIONS AND REPORTS <br /> Proclamations & Awards <br /> Recognition of Eric Wohlforth for city legal services. <br /> City Manager's Report.Ron Long said the following purchase orders between$10,000 and <br /> $50,000 had been approved by the City Manager since the last meeting: $13,318.00 to Wesco for a <br /> 500 KVA Transformer; $15,300 to Anixter for 15KV Wire; $39,938.95 to Vermeer for a <br /> Chipper/Shredder for the Electric Department; and, $15,235 to Goodyear for six loader tires. <br /> Request For Proposals (RFP) criteria for a grant funded Live Fire Training Facility: <br /> Statement Of Qualifications 30 <br /> Litigation History 10 <br /> References 10 <br /> Proposal Amount/Price 50 <br /> TOTAL 100 <br /> Request For Proposals(RFP)criteria for updating the City of Seward Comprehensive Plan: <br /> Understanding Of The Work 25 <br /> Approach, Methodology And Timeline 20 <br /> Examples Of Previous, Similar Or Related Work 15 <br /> Resumes Of Individuals Who Will Perform The Work 15 <br /> Proposal Amount/Price 25 <br /> TOTAL 100 <br /> Communication was received from the grant administrator from the Alaska Industrial <br /> Development and Export Authority(AIDEA) and the Alaska Energy Authority(AEA) saying the <br /> city's application for the Renewable Energy Fund, Round 9, titled Heat Pump System For City- <br /> Owned Buildings passed the Stage 2 review;there would be two more stages left for the application <br /> to pass through. <br />