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Lw <br /> CITY OF SEWARD <br /> 2015 PROPOSED MID-CYCLE BUDGET ADJUSTMENTS <br /> GENERAL FUND: <br /> Revenues: <br /> • Jail Contract—reduce 2015 budget from$745,470 to$670,821 to match new five-year contract. The Jail <br /> Contract has increased each year from $491,341 in 2011, $567,395 in 2012, $655,464 in 2013 and $670,821 <br /> thereafter <br /> Expenditures: <br /> • Public building maintenance contract: $45,000. RFP around Jan. 1 for mid-level maintenance, i.e. bigger than <br /> janitorial but smaller than specialized technical work <br /> • Planning Department—Planning and Zoning Commission training: $2,100 for commissioners to attend the <br /> Alaska Planning Conference in Anchorage, registration and travel <br /> • Boards and Commissions training:$4,500 in attorney and staff time for training sessions on Open Meetings <br /> Act, Roberts Rules of Order, roles and responsibilities of persons acting in quasi-judicial capacities, ex parte <br /> contact, etc. <br /> • General Services—Affordable Care Act requires transitional reinsurance fee of$16,400 <br /> • Allocation of identifiable operating costs of City Hall Annex split 50% Electric Utility and 50%General Fund <br /> • Engineering -- Project Manager wages beginning 09/22/14 allocated to SMIC rock project within SOA grant. <br /> 2014 funds budgeted before 9/22/14 are unexpended. 2015 will see those costs mostly going to the Lowell <br /> Point Sewage Lagoon, SMIC breakwater project, and Electrical Warehouse project. Propose at this point a <br /> 33/33/33 split. Will result in salary/benefit savings in General Fund, Water Fund and Wastewater Fund. <br /> Increase operating costs for project manager auto fuel, office supplies, software ($3,000). Propose moving <br /> PM costs out of General Fund Streets and into General Fund Engineering to segregate <br /> • Animal Control to address training($600),travel ($2,500) and operating costs ($2,000) <br /> • Community Development:$25,000 Nuisance Abatement/Code compliance and enforcement <br /> • Finance--$2,000 added cost for travel/training for new Accufund system <br /> • Mayor&Council--$25,000 estimated added audit costs <br /> • Fire—$35,000 to hire two temporary summer employees to get caught up on department projects (testing <br /> fire hose,testing breathing apparatus tanks, etc.) <br /> • Library—utilize salary savings from retirement to increase part-time hours; no net added cost <br /> • Transfer to Capital Acquisition Fund$420,000 to cover ADA sidewalk repairs ($60K), P&R warehouse <br /> stabilization -engineering($60K), DOT roads project matching funds (300K) <br />