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Agenda Statement <br /> ejofspiv <br /> Meeting Date: January 21, 20170 <br /> To: Seward City Council <br /> 4`A to.P <br /> Through: City Manager Jim Huâ–º40r <br /> fit <br /> Agenda Item: Disaster declaration <br /> BACKGROUND & JUSTIFICATION: <br /> Record heavy snow began falling in Seward on Friday night, January 20. City crews were <br /> monitoring the situation and working to keep emergency services roads open. By Saturday <br /> morning on January 21, over two and a half feet of snow had fallen. On January 21, 2017 the <br /> City Manager issued a Disaster Emergency Declaration, requesting interagency assistance. Kenai <br /> Peninsula Borough Mayor Navarre and KPD Emergency Manager Scott Walden were notified of <br /> the City's situation and Declaration. Assistance from outside agencies has not been available. <br /> Consent by the City Council must be obtained if the declaration of disaster is to be continued or <br /> renewed for a period in excess of seven (7)days. <br /> INTENT: To declare a state of emergency due to extreme snowfall in the City of Seward and <br /> request assistance. <br /> CONSISTENCY CHECKLIST: Yes No N/A <br /> Other(list): Alaska Statute 26.23.140 (b) The effect of a declaration of <br /> a local disaster emergency is to activate the response and recovery <br /> 1. aspects of any and all applicable local or interjurisdictional disaster X <br /> emergency plans. and to authorize the furnishing of aid and assistance <br /> under those plans. <br /> FISCAL NOTE: Costs associated with this event are unexpected and unbudgeted. Therefore the <br /> City is requesting inter-jurisdictional aid and assistance and financial assistance due to conditions <br /> beyond the control of the City's personnel and resources and requiring the combined forces of <br /> other agencies. <br /> Approved by Finance Department: v a :t z ; f.. rt - <br /> ATTORNEY REVIEW: Yes No X <br /> RECOMMENDATION: Council Approve resolution 2017 - declaring a state of disaster <br /> emergency due to extreme weather and flooding damage in the City of Seward and requesting <br /> assistance. <br />