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City of Seward,Alaska City Council Minutes <br /> May 26, 2015 Volume 39, Page 538 <br /> Approve the Public Convenience/Eating Place Liquor License application for The Sea Bean, <br /> LLC. <br /> Resolution 2015-051, Accepting A Grant In The Amount Of $2,923.20 From The Alaska <br /> Highway Safety Office For The DUI High Visibility Enforcement Campaign During The 2015 <br /> Enforcement Periods Of Independence Day(July 3-5,2015)And Labor Day(August 19-Sept 7, <br /> 2015) And Appropriating Funds. <br /> SPECIAL ORDERS, PRESENTATIONS AND REPORTS <br /> Proclamations & Awards <br /> Recognition for Lila Hurst for her volunteer work at the Seward Animal Control Shelter. <br /> Chamber of Commerce Report.Cindy Clock said the chamber building had some exterior <br /> remodeling done and she was happy about how good it looked. Melody Hatch was a new part time <br /> addition for the chamber.Approximately 90 people attended the recent public free customer service <br /> seminar hosted by the chamber. Foot traffic through the visitor's center was picking up and their <br /> membership drive would begin next month.Currently,there were 308 chamber members;the largest <br /> group of members was the small business owner.Clock emphasized the rewards in belonging to the <br /> Chamber of Commerce. She thanked Terry for letting the chamber know that the Norwegian Cruise <br /> Line sales team was visiting Seward; the chamber was able to find them and present them with <br /> Seward gift bags. Their first ship was June 1, 2015, which was also the start of the halibut <br /> tournament. <br /> City Manager's Report.Jim Hunt said there were no purchases since last meeting.Benches <br /> for the bus stops around town had been ordered and would be here in about two weeks.Hunt asked <br /> the citizens to please sweep their sidewalks. <br /> The City Manager gave a brief update on the Lowell Point Sewage Lagoon dredging project <br /> and explained the company added 40 bio domes over the aerators at the bottom of the lagoon. He <br /> reported the contractor was running under budget and was on schedule. <br /> In response to Squires,Hunt said the project had been well documented with photos,which <br /> would be helpful in future maintenance. <br /> Butts asked about the recent clean-up at the Seward Marine Industrial Center(SMIC)Sewage <br /> Lagoon and if staff found out what exactly happened with the situation that caused the beach to be <br /> severely littered. Public Works Director W.C.Casey stated the contractor was working round the <br /> clock at SMIC with city staff monitoring the area about 8-10 hours a day. In the final stages of <br /> pumping, the matter from the sewage lagoon had to be hauled and not drained down by water. In <br /> hauling throughout the night,and in the process of cleaning the lagoon out and sucking up the debris <br /> as planned,something got clogged or ripped and various types of condiment packages went through <br /> the discharge.As soon as that was realized the project was halted and the Public Works staff started <br /> hauling and cleaning immediately. Casey stated it was clean over there now, his crew walked the <br />