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2 �Zy /I4 <br /> ISP vJSLaA4 Seward Historic Preservation Commission 2014 <br /> Revised Priorities List 2015 <br /> Public Outreach <br /> • Coordination with Planning and Zoning- At least once a year, preferably in the fall, <br /> the Historic Preservation Commission would like to meet with and coordinate <br /> activities and/or projects with the Planning and Zoning Commission <br /> • Historic Preservation Web Presence - Continual updating and work on website (2015 <br /> revision) <br /> • National Historic Preservation Month- Continue to participate and plan celebrations <br /> for the recognition of H.P. Month. The scope of the activities will vary from year to <br /> year, but activity needs to be identified many months in advance. <br /> a. The month of May is Historic Preservation Month <br /> b. Place the National Historic Preservation Month on the January Agenda <br /> • Seward Annual Historic Preservation Award- Continue to solicit candidates. <br /> a. The Historic Preservation award may be given in May <br /> b. Place the Seward Annual Historic Preservation Award on the January Agenda. <br /> c. Solicit the public to nominate people they think deserve to be a recipient of <br /> the award. Nominations must be received by April. <br /> d. Update City plaque as appropriate. <br /> • Local Plants and Tree <br /> a. Inventory of Local Plants and Trees <br /> b. Solicit Nominations From the Public in March of each year. <br /> • The First Friday Fireside Historical Lecture Series- <br /> a. August meeting agenda item to set up work session to brainstorm program <br /> ideas <br /> • Cemetery Information Project <br /> a. Update Cemetery/Obituary Information on Seward Historic Preservation <br /> website and PastPerfect Database. <br /> Historic Structures & Sites <br /> • Hoben Park has been approved for historic reconstruction by Council <br /> a. The Commission continues to support and is willing to assist with this <br /> project. <br /> • Continue to update the Seward Inventory of Historic Sites <br /> • Continue to nominate structures and site to Seward Local Register <br /> • Monitor the Jesse Lee Home Project <br /> Historic Preservation Plan <br /> • Seward Historic Preservation Plan- The plan needs to be reviewed and updated. <br /> a. CLG Grant has been received and work is ongoing <br /> � I <br />